The Friendship We Had

(ok first movella so pleas tell me what you think and also may not upadte alot) Katie has been frinds with Harry since they where 4 . They would do everthing together. Untill highschool comes along. Their friendship gets more distant.Harry becomes a popular kid while katie is just a regular kid. One night a trip to the grocery store turns into katie's worst nightmare. Harry does something that Katie may never be able to forget. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


6. He Changed

Katie's POV

About 2 days later i was able to leave the hospital. I stayed home and cried for a coulple of days thinking 'how could this happen to to me I did noyhing wrong'. Harry text me alot trying to talk to me but I ignored him. He even came over some times but it didn't help. He said he never wanted to talk to me again and it broke me to hear my best friend say this. Because of all the pain I was feeling i decided to relive myself.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and cut both my wrists twice. I very relived of my pain. After I grabbed a cloth and went to the bathroom and rapped my writs. I would at least try to go to school tomorrow, but I'll have to hide the cuts.

(Next Day)

Katie's POV

I woke up next morning and took a warm shower. After I dried of I brused mt hair and left it down so it would be natrully curly. I went to my closet to get dressed. Since I had to hide the cuts i put on a a red and white stripped long sleeve, blue denim skinny jeans, my silver vans, and a black balzer with long sleeves. I grabbed an apple and my book bag and started off for school. As i was locking up I saw Harry leaving his house too. I tried so hard to keep him from seeing me."So Ugly Betty is finally leaving her cave" i turned to see Harry witha big grin on. "What?" I asked. " You heard me hefty." he said. "Harry why are you being so mean to me?" I said. "Well, I thought about how rude you've been to me so I decided to return the favor." he said. "Harry you killed my parents, of course I'm going to get mad but I just wanted to be alone not ruin our friendship!" i said loudly. "I DID NOTHING WRONG!" I yelled. Next thing I knew was Harry connected his hand with my cheek and it made me fall, then he spit on me and said"I just wanted to help but you pushed me away you did everything wrong, and if you even think this is yhe last of it, you are truley mistaken." he started walking awaybut then stopped to kick me in the stomach. I got up went back into my house and grabbed my car keys. I didn't care how close school was I was driving. I got into my silver Volvo C30 and headed to school.

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