The Friendship We Had

(ok first movella so pleas tell me what you think and also may not upadte alot) Katie has been frinds with Harry since they where 4 . They would do everthing together. Untill highschool comes along. Their friendship gets more distant.Harry becomes a popular kid while katie is just a regular kid. One night a trip to the grocery store turns into katie's worst nightmare. Harry does something that Katie may never be able to forget. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


2. Flashback

Harry's POV

Me and my mom were walking in the park when I heard someone yell "owiee." I looked all around me to see where that noise came from, when i spotted her. She was sitting on the ground tears in her eye and had a big cut on her knee.I ran over to her. " Are you ok?" i asked. She looked up at me and shook her head and said "no i fell off the swing and cut my knee". She kept crying so i sat down next to her and gave her a really big hug and said" it'll be ok I'm Harry" She smiled and said " hi Harry I'm Katie nice to meet you"

I smiled back at her and asked her if she wanted me to get my mom to help her with her cut. She nodded and i ran off to get my mom. When I brought my mom over she instantly ran over to Katie. "Hello sweetheart I'm Anne Im Harry's mom, what happend?" my mom said. "I fell off the swing." said Katie. "Where is your mom?" My mom said " is she close by?" Katie shook her head and siad " my mommy is at home across the street." and she pionted to a big blue house right next to ours. "ok lets go get you to your mom sweetie" my mom said this as she picked Katie up very carefully and started of to the house that belonged to Katie.

When we got there my mom told me to knock so i did. A few moments later a woman came out. "Oh my gosh what happend! Come in! Come in! Just set her on the couch" she said. We walked in and set her on the couch as Katie's mom went to get a wet cloth. "She fell off the swing." i said. "Oh my, well thank ypu for bringing her here I'm Lora." she said " im Anne And this is my son Harry" my mom said "well would you like some tea Anne?"Lora said "yes that would be lovely" said y mom "Would you like to play?" Katie asked "Sure" and from that piont on we where inseprable.

Flashback Ended


Katie's POV

Me and Harry are walking to school and just takling like crazy. "I'm sorry I haven't been around alot he said" Jesscia won't let me she thinks I'll leave her for you." Jessica is Harry's girlfriend. She's the one who made him popular. "Me? I'm no threat. I'm not even pretty." i said in full shock. "You are beautiful and she afraid of how much history we have. The history of us beig friends for so long." he asured me. I blushed at how he called me beautiful. He always feels a complished when I blush because of him. "Wow she's keeping you on a tight leash." i said as we were nearing the school's gates. As we reached the gates Harry said "Yup"while popping the p.


"I gotta find Jessica, I'll see you later." Harry said. "There's no need to she's coming this way." I said as she ran over to Harry giving him a huge kiss "What she doing here?" she said. "I go to school here." i said. "Don't be smart with me." she said "Babe leave her alone, she didn't do anything." Harry said. "Why are you sticking up for her I'm the one who's your girlfriend?" she said. "I gotta get to class, see you later."


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