Courtney has been hurt many times in her life. Her mom left when she was only 6 months old and her father disappeared the same night. Now Courney is seventeen and lives with her foster parents, Reagan and Ronnie.
Courney has never been loved by anyone. At school she is severely bullied with no friends or support. Courtney has lost all hope in ever finding someone who cares and has numbed all of her feelings in fear of being hurt again. When one day she meets Hunter, a new kid who just moved from Florida, he tries to reach out to her. Courtney ignores him, fearing to be hurt and abandoned again. But When everything Courtney knows becomes a lie and she is stuck in the middle of a web of secrets and mystery will Hunter be the only one there to help her? Hunter cares for Courtney as more than a friend, but does she realize the obvious? Can she save what she thought was lost? But most importantly can she love Hunter back, or will her feelings and emotions be forever numbed...


9. Chapter 8


Courtney's P.O.V.


     I awoke to the sound of two men talking in low rough voices.  I opened my eyes but there was still darkness.  Where was I?   Then it came back, all of it.   Studying, the sound downstairs, the men, Reagan, Being taken, and last of all, Hunter.   No, this couldn't be true!  Was I gonna die?  What were these awful people gonna do to me?  Why had they even wanted me?!  I closed and opened my eyes again, still darkness.  Trying to move my hands I realized that they were tied behind my back.  My feet were tied up too.  The gag was still in my mouth and there must be something covering my eyes.  A bump on my head from where they had hit me to knock me out was throbbing almost unbearably.  The room I was in had an odd smell, making me wonder if I was even above ground anymore.  Finally I tried to decipher what the men were saying.

    "She'll work perfectly"

    "How do we know that they'll fall for it?"  An uncertain voice answered

    "Idiot!!!  Boss said it would work, so it will!"  I heard a thump and guessed that the uncertain man had been slapped.


    "She should be awake soon and we can proceed with the plan.  We will be in control once more, and this time no one, I repeat no one, will get in our way!"  The man cackled.  Their voices sent shivers down my spine.  I hated these men!   They had killed Reagan and now they had taken me!  Reagan's pale unmoving face flashed through my head.  He had been killed.....he was gone.  No more rants about the economy.  No more nerdy glasses peeping at you from behind his newspaper.  Hatred filled me and I just about screamed.  How could they?!  I would get back at them for this!  Just then another man entered the room, taking me out of my vengeful thoughts.

    "This boy was at the house, he put up a good fight, but we got him.  I suggest you watch your back" I heard loud footsteps and then a thump as the man walked in and dropped whoever he had beat up.  Had they broken into another home?  Seriously, wasn't ruining one life a night good enough for them.

    "Put him in the cell with the girl.  I think she's waking up, I'll go get Mr. Halock"

    "Don't use boss's name idiot!! What if she's awake?!  Ugh, I work with such fools!"  I heard a clanging in back of me and guessed that the boy who was at the house was being thrown in to my cell.

    "C'mon, Lets go! They won't be going anywhere!" The three men stomped out of the room.

     I wanted to speak to this person, ask who they were, but my gag was still firmly in my mouth.

    "Courtney" The word was barely a whisper, but I recognized the voice.

    "Hunter?" I tried to say, but it came out sounding more like "Humfeeww"

    "Shhh, once I can stand up I'll get all that stuff off you" He whispered.  He moaned as he tried to move his body that was probably beaten black and blue.  Why was he here?  The same person who had told the world my secret!  I knew I was exaggerating, but hey, high school pretty much was my world.

     "Ok, I think I can get you untied now"  I felt something move in the back of my head and after a bit a rag fell off of my face and I could see.  The room wasn't large or small but the walls were covered in computers.  On the tables lay more devices that looked more or less like weapons and blueprints were overflowing in the entire space.  The cell was in the corner and on the opposite side of the door.  Soon my gag fell to the floor and my mouth was free.  I gasped for the fresh air, releived that I could breath again.

    "What are you doing here?  You could have gotten yourself killed" I said, but my voice cracked.

    "I wasn't going to let them take you....."

    "So you decided being taken WITH me was better.  Wow, Hunter, great plan, you a freaking genius!" My sarcastic remark echoed through the room but Hunter didn't reply.  His hands moved down to my hands, which where knotted up in ropes.  I turned my head around to see him.  I could have fainted at the sight.  Blood was streaming down his face and dripping off his chin.  His arms were covered and trickling with the same substance.  He had a black eye and bruises lining his entire body.  As far I was concerned he looked half dead.  Yet, He was helping to free me.....and I was being rude to him.  If I could feel guilt it probably would have washed over me, but I just stared at this mess of blood and bruises.

    "Hunter....Are you OK?"  I whispered.  He looked up at me and I saw his usually bright green eyes seemed dark and his expression was unreadable.

    "I'm be fine, what about you?"  I gave him a look of pure amazement.

    "You are bleeding like crazy!!  You are NOT ok Hunter!"  the bonds fell off of my hands and they immediately went to his face.  I touched it lighly and held his face so that he couldn't move.

    "I don't need my feet untied, just let me help you"


    "Shut it, you need more help than I do"  I grabbed my shirt and ripped off a bit of the fabric.  It had blood splattered on it, but it was all I had. I wrapped it around his head and secured it with a tight knot.  I used my hand to try to wipe off some of the blood that now had dyed half of his face pure red.  He looked down the entire time, not wanting to meet my eyes.

     "Did-did he have a knife?"  I asked ripping off another peice of fabric to wrap up his arm. 

     "Yes, and he knew how to use it"  Hunter mumbled under his breath.

      The door opened and four men stomped in.  One of them had a buisness suit on and looked as if he had just come from a meeting.  The other men had on complete black and had multiple guns strapped to their waist.

    "So here is our precious Courtney Coolman" The buisness looking man snickered at me, his smooth voice taunting me.  "Just wait till we finish with you!"  He came to edge of me cell and grabbed two bars and gave me a cruel menacing look from between them. The way his brown eyes glistened as if he was stalking prey, like I was just another meal, sent shivers down my spine.  Hunter wrapped his arms around me protectively.

     "You won't put a finger on her!  Get away!  What do you want!!"  His voice had the same sound as it did when Jack had beat me in the cafeteria.   All of the men cackled as if he had just said the funniest joke they'd heard.  The Boss, the men had called him Mr. Halock, must be the buisness man.

    "Oh we'll do what we want with her!  If you like I'll have you watch as we torture your friend!"  His laughing smile faded and he pointed a bony finger at Hunter.  "She'll look even worse than you do, you just wait"  Hunter's grip tightened around me.  Blood was dripping onto me and I still didn't trust or forgive him, but I secretly I was glad he was there.

     "You dare and I'll..."  Hunter's threat was cut off by the Boss pulling out a gun.  His thin finger was on the trigger and I knew that he wouldn't think twice before shooting Hunter.

    "I'm not here for games, boy.  Another word out of you and it will be your last"  His serious face glared at Hunter, who nodded solemnly, swallowing hard.  "Let go of the girl"  I felt the warm arms that had made me feel just a bit safer loosen and hesitantly, slowly, uncertainly moved away.  I finally found my voice and let it loose.


    With quick, sudden movements the Boss unlocked the cell door and went in, his men standing next to the clanging bars.  It had happened in a second, not enough time for Hunter or me to respond or even move.  In the next second the tall slender figure was in front of me and the tip of his pistol was on my forehead.  The cool steel hit my warm head hard and I gasped.

    "You won't tell me what to do.  You're too valuable to kill at the moment, but your little friend isn't"  The pistol moved from my head to Hunter's, the bony finger still lingering over the trigger.  "Boss" snickered at me and took out a knife with his free hand.  Leaning in he grabbed Hunter's already dripping red arm and put the tip on his wrist.  The knife entered skin, starting another stream of blood.

    "NO!  STOP!"  I half screamed half sobbed.  I couldn't feel fear, but this was horrifying.  Tears started running down my face.  Another laugh rose among the men and the knife was removed.

    "Oh, you are SUCH fun!!!   More fun than you parents ever were!"

    I stared blankly at him until the words sank in.

    "Of course it was oh so fun to watch them bleed and cry out for mercy!"  He took my chin and turned it up to meet his eyes.  "Entertaining indeed!"  He hissed, spit landed on my face.

    My face must have given away how confused I was.

    "Confused?  Let me clear things up for you!"  He pinned me against the wall.  "Everything you know is a lie.  Mother mysteriously dead?  A father heartlessly leaves his daughter on the doorstep!!!  You think that they really loved you?!  Ha!  Let me tell you something, it was no mystery to US what happened, and your parents didn't love you!"

    My heart skipped a beat.   


      These men had killed my parents, and now they had me.


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