Courtney has been hurt many times in her life. Her mom left when she was only 6 months old and her father disappeared the same night. Now Courney is seventeen and lives with her foster parents, Reagan and Ronnie.
Courney has never been loved by anyone. At school she is severely bullied with no friends or support. Courtney has lost all hope in ever finding someone who cares and has numbed all of her feelings in fear of being hurt again. When one day she meets Hunter, a new kid who just moved from Florida, he tries to reach out to her. Courtney ignores him, fearing to be hurt and abandoned again. But When everything Courtney knows becomes a lie and she is stuck in the middle of a web of secrets and mystery will Hunter be the only one there to help her? Hunter cares for Courtney as more than a friend, but does she realize the obvious? Can she save what she thought was lost? But most importantly can she love Hunter back, or will her feelings and emotions be forever numbed...


6. Chapter 5

     That weekend went by fast, hanging out with Hunter, doing homework, and dodging lectures from Reagan and Ronnie.  It was Sunday afternoon and Hunter and I were exchanging phone numbers and taking contact file pictures.  The sun was high in the sky and there was barely a cloud breaking up the beautiful blue, making it feel like summer.

     "Say cheese!" Hunter said, waiting for me to smile for him.

     "But I look bad in pictures!" I prostested, bocking my face with my hands.

     "I'm gonna get that picture! Even if I have to tickle you to make you smile!"  Hunter put his phone on the ground and took my shoulders.

    "No!! I won't do it!!  Stop HUUUNNNNNTTEEERRR!!!!!" I sqeualed as his fingers tickled my stomach.  My voice broke as I started giggling uncontollably.  He made an evil laugh and kept tickling me.  By now I was on the ground laying in a bed of grass and he was towering over me.  He stopped for a second, letting me catch my breath before starting to tickle me again, this time with his phone in hand.  He started snapping pictures of my laughing face which I'm sure looked horrible.  There were tears in my eyes I had been laughing so hard.  Finally he stopped and stood up leaving me laying on the ground, breathless and smiling.  He stood next to my head and aimed his camera down as I looked up at him.  I wanted to stop smiing but my face wouldn't let me stop.  When my smile finally started to dim I rolled onto my stomach and started to pose for him.  He laughed but took the pictures.  It went onfor a while, this "Photo shoot", and in the end he let me pick which picture would be my file.   It was one where I was sitting on big rock with the pond behind me, holding a wildflower to my chest.  The sun was behind me and with the small smile that was on my lips I looked pretty hot.

    "Ok, I like that one too" Hunter consented and put it up as my picture.

    "Alright, your turn!" I said, giving him a devious smile.

    "Ha, you won't have to torture me to get me to smile!!" He said.

    "I will anyway!" I yelled jumping onto his back and wrapping my legs around his abs.

    "Piggy back ride!!!" I sceamed and put my phone out in front of us so that it showed us both smiling.  But this was a smile I didn't have to force, it was a real smile.  After the picture was taken Hunter said, "You're gonna regret getting on my back, Coutney!"

      He lifted me off his back and placed me on the ground.  I protested but before the words came out he tore off his shirt.  Woah.  His pefectly tanned abs and chest made me stare.  I tried to say something but....  Hunter was staring back at me, amusement in his eyes.  Then he did the unthinkable.   He ran over, picked me up and darted towards the pond.  After I got over the fact that my body was touching his biceps, abs, and chest I realized what he was doing.  Before I could stop him he threw me into the water, laughing.

    "You!!!!" I yelled

    "What?!" He yelled back through his laughter

    "Are gonna be sorry!" I went towards him, my lips forming a smile.  I tried to look hot and mysterious, and it worked.  He looked at me contently as I walked over.  When I got to him i lightly grabbed his hand, waiting for him to stand up.  He did.  And he followed me to the side of the pond.  I looked down, then slowly brought my gaze back up to his face.

    "Ready?" I asked quietly.  He started to say something but I cut in.

    "You're not ready for this!!!!!!!!" I shreaked before pushing him into the pond and jumping in after him.  We were both dripping wet when we came out of the water after a splash fight, but we were happy. I couldn't help myself, I took a picture of him before he put his shirt back on.




       "Bye!" I said as I strolled out the door down to the bus, leaving for school.  I hopped into my car and started the engine before backing out of the driveway.  Knowing that Hunter had stood up for me on Friday, I wondered what everybody would think of him.  When I arrived at the school Hunter was already there, being greeted by a group of jocks and cheerleaders. I heard one of the girls from the cheerleading squad sob,

    "Your not gonna choose her over me are you?  Oh Hunter!!"  No way!!  He already had girls that sobed for him?  Man, he must be a miracle worker.  That's when I realized that the cheerleader had been talking about me.  They thought that me and Hunter were in a relationship!  I parked and went up to Hunter, who hadn't answered the crying cheerleader yet.

    "Hey!" I said and Hunter gave me a hug while the cheerleaders sobbed louder.  I whispered in his ear as he hugged me,

    "Tell them that you are still open and that thee is nothing between us, that we are just friends" He backed away and gave me a look of amazement.

    "No, then she will be throwing herself on me" He whispered back as he let go of my waist.  He gave my hand a kiss and we walked away.  I gave him a look and he just chuckled in return and wrapped his arm around my waist.

    "You will be keeping me safe from all those crazy chicks back there, Princess"




      The bell rang, it was dismissal and I was SO ready to go.  Jack had stayed away from me today for some unknown reason.

    "Hey Coolman!!!" I heard Jack yell.  OK, now he remembered me.   I kept walking, not looking back.  He came up next to me.

    "Some stories going around about you, you and your parents...."  I froze in my footsteps.  Hunter had been the only person I had ever told about my family, had he told someone??

    "Ya, apparently your an orphan and live with foster parents, but you still miss your MOMMY and DADDY!!!" No No!!!  Hunter had betrayed her!!  How could he??  I had told him everything!! And he, he had thrown it back in my face!!!  Tears started streaming down my face, blurring my vision.  I started to run, run away from Jack, run away from everything.  I heard Hunter yell my name.

    "Courtney!  Wait? What's wrong?"  He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him.

    "Let go of me!!!  I never want to see you again, Don't ever speak to me!!  You lied to me!  You have betrayed me!  I HATE YOU!!"  I screamed at his face.  He stepped back in alarm and loosened his grip enough that i could wiggle out.  I ran to my car and drove away as fast as I could.  I was sobbing now.  When I drove up to the house and walked in I yelled at Ronie,   "Hunter is NOT my PRINCE CHARMING!!!!"  I stormed up the stairs and slammed my door shut.  HOW COULD HE??  I-I-I TRUSTED HIM!!  LOVE DOESN'T EXIST IN THE WORLD, AND HUNTER IS NOW MY PROOF!!   I locked my door and hid under my covers, hiding from the world.  Numbing myself wasn't enough.  I could trust no one, I am alone.  If I ever had a thought of letting my feelings come back now the chance was gone.  I was numbed and I wouldn't trust, I wouldn't ever, EVER start to think differently.





  My phone beeped for probably the thousandth time as I lay in my bed.  Finally I picked it up and checked my messages.  I had gotten 40 messages in the last 30 minutes. I read the last one Hunter had sent me:

     "Courtney, are you OK?  What did I do? Did Jack hurt you? please tell me, I'm dying to know what happened.  You said that you hate me, but please take it back, it's killing me.  You never want to see me again?  Courtney!!  Help me!!  I'm so confused and afraid.  Afraid of loosing a friend.  Please reply, please speak to me!"

    I hid back under my cover, where I had been for a very long time, crying.  I didn't have emotions but my body still reacted like normal, like smiling when I really didn't feel happy.  I hated Hunter and I didn't feel bad for his confusion and suffering, he deserved it.  Ronnie had come to knock on my door more than once, so did Reagan, but I just screamed for them to go away.  Hunter had stabbed me in the back and now the entire school probably knew my biggest secrets because of him.  I let the fact sink in before stuffing my face into a pillow and just screaming.  I screamed and screamed until I was out of breath.  The only emotion I could feel was anger and hate, so I let those feelings wash over me. 




       I had just texted Courtney for the 40th time and I felt horrible.  If Jack had hurt her he was SO gonna get it!!  But what she had said about her hating me, not wanting to see me, never speaking to me, was confusing and killing me.  I stood on the balcony and stared at the pond where we had met and had spent time together.  I remembered the pictures on my phone and pulled them up.  She was laughing, smiling, posing, looking like a model.  Dang she was beautiful.  She had stood on this very balcony with him and shared what love was to her in her numbed world.  It had broken his heart, knowing that she couldn't love him back.  Yes, I will confirm it, I love Courtney.  I wish I could show her that, prove that there is love in the world and that I have fallen deep into it.  I want to hold her, to kiss her, to whisper sweet things in her ear as she giggles and gives me her beautiful smile.  I remembered when I first saw her sitting next to the pond.   

    My heart had stopped, not only because there was a person there that I didn't know, but because it was a beautiful girl. I had known from that night that I wanted her.

    "Hunter! It's time to eat son!" My father yelled up to me. Although I couldn't imagine living without them I hated having to live with my parents. My father just didn't understand me. I never wanted to become a business man like him. I stood up and walked down the stairs, hating that we lived in such a rich house. It made me look spoiled and vain, which I wasn't. But I had made my decision long before he called me down. After dinner I was going to Courtney, I was going to talk to her myself. I wouldn't tell her how I felt, then she would hate me for sure. But I was going to see her, and she couldn't stop me, neither would anybody else.




        "Courtney!! Please come down it's time to eat!" Ronnie yelled up to me. The only reason that I got up and opened that door to go eat was because I was starving and couldn't sulk very well on an empty stomach.

    "Here, I made some meatloaf" Ronnie said, placing a delicious plate of food in front of me. I knew that they wouldn't make me talk, they would respect my space. But as I ate I could feel their eyes on me, waiting. I ate in silence, eating the food that to me had no taste. When I had helped with the dishes I went back upstairs. Reagan grabbed my arm and asked,

    "Should we let Hunter up if he try's to come to you?"

    "No. Tell him that I don't wish to see him" I replied quietly before hugging him and going up the stairs.

    I was glad Reagan had asked me because it wasn't three minutes late that there was a knock on the door. I heard Reagan and Ronnie answer the door and tell Hunter to leave. I heard him beg them to let him come in, to see me. But they refused him. He told them that it was urgent and that he was dying to see me.  They told him that I had barely left my room since school and wasn't feeling well enough to talk to people.  Hunter asked if there was anything he could do for them to let him see me.  When they said that there was nothing he could do to change their minds he surrendered and apologized for the trouble. I closed my eyes in relief, but yet a little part of me wished that I would let myself hear him out, but I pushed the thought back down.  No, I wouldn't listen to that sexy backstabbing jerk.

     It was a couple hours later and I was starting to doze off when I heard a noise at my window. It was dark outside and Reagan and Ronnie were asleep. I opened my Window to see what I had heard. But before I could stick my head out Hunter jumped in and covered my mouth so that I couldn't scream.



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