Breaking The Rules

What happens when One Direction suddenly gets new management that threatens to ruin their love life's? Will Niall and Isabelle pull through? Or will the evil new manager get his way and tear them apart, leaving them both devastated and heart broken? Read Breaking The Rules to find out!


5. The Shopping Trip

Isabelle's POV
I sprung out of bed and ran to my calendar to check off the days date. I smiled to see that today was the day that started the ten day count down for the boys to come home. "Forty days down, ten to go." I smiled to myself. I went to the kitchen and brought my breakfast to bed while I got on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Even though Niall and I had been dating for four months now, people still didn't know who his girlfriend was. They know that he has a girlfriend, they just don't know who I am. I checked on Niall's Twitter to see if he had any updates. I smiled to see that he had posted something saying that today started the ten day count down to go home. Not long after, I got a phone call. "Hey babe." I answered after seeing that it was Niall calling. "Hey. I miss you so much." "I miss you too! There's only ten days left though!" I said excitedly. "Yeah buddy!" He was excited too. "I can't wait to see you! I have a surprise for you." "Really? What is it?" I asked him. "It's a secret." He whispered through the phone. "Aww come on! Give me a hint!" I begged. "!" He laughed. "Fine then." I laughed along with him. "Ok well the boys and I have an interview today so I have to get ready for it now." Niall sounded a bit disappointed. "I'll watch it. I love you babe. I can't wait to see you!" I told him. "I love you too! Not a moment goes by without me thinking about you." We hung up and I put my dishes away before hoping into the shower. I thought about the day Niall left as the warm water poured over my body. Why wasn't he supposed to tell anyone about the trip they were on? Why was it a secret? People would know where they were when the interview comes on. I shook my head. So far, Steve hadn't made much sense. He wanted everything they did to be a secret. Hopefully the year would go by fast. After I had gotten ready for the day, I called the girls over. We hung out, watched the interview, ate lunch, and then went shopping. Online shopping, that is. Because Steve won't allow us to go out into public. Well except for Perrie, she has her own management and Steve has no control over her. "That's a cute bag!" El pointed to my laptop screen, where we were all crowded around it. "Yeah but you can't really tell the size of it." Annabelle replied. "Let's just face it, online shopping kinda sucks." Danni faced us. "I don't care what Steve says." I said, standing up. "What are you doing?" Perrie asked me. "I'm going to live MY life the way I want to! Steve isn't my dad and he isn't my boss either!" I crossed my arms over my chest. "Besides, the public doesn't even know who I am, so what does it matter?" "Your right!" Perrie stood up. "I'll be right back." I hurried to my closet and brought back a box. "What's in there?" Dannielle pointed to the box. "It's got costumes, disguises, hats, and accessories in it." I replied, opening the box. The girls dug in. We pulled out random things and just laughed. I ended up wearing a scarf, a beanie, some funny looking sunglasses, and a raincoat with jeans and rain boots. The girls dressed similar. "It's a good thing that it really is raining!" Annabelle laughed while she adjusted her wig. "We look silly, but you can't tell it's us and it doesn't draw too much attention. It's perfect!" Perrie laughed. "We should probably go shopping in a different town too." Eleanor suggested. "Good idea. I'll drive." Dannielle offered. "Ok then, lets go!" The girls and I squealed. We hadn't gone shopping together in forever. We spent all day in the mall. We were checking out at the last store we stopped at when we saw an unpleasant surprise. Steve was sitting on a bench right outside of the store. "Um guys," I turned around to face the girls. "We have a bit of a problem..." The girls saw him too. "What should we do?" Perrie whispered. "I say we make a run for it." Eleanor replied. "It can't be too obvious though." I told them. "Maybe we should just act casual." Dannielle suggested. "And not make eye contact." Annabelle added. "Ok, maybe one of us should act like we're on the phone and another is paying close attention to the conversation. Then one of us can be texting and someone search through their bag. Someone else can look at the stores windows." I told them my idea and we all agreed on it. Annabelle volunteered to be the person to look at the stores windows while Eleanor looked through her bag and Dannielle pulled out her phone to make it look like she was texting. I pulled out my phone and pretended to answer. Perrie watched me and kept her ear close to my phone. "Lets roll." I said it like I was talking to the fake caller. I made it seem like a very dramatic phone call and at some points, the girls would look up at me like there was an emergency on the other end of the phone. We walked quickly like we were in a hurry to get somewhere and all had worried looks on our faces. Part of the worry was real and the other part was just acting. Steve seemed to be following us. We were pretty good actresses so we all changed our voices. After five long minutes, Steve finally stopped and turned to walk the other way. We must have tricked him. We hurried to the car and hopped in. "Whew, what a relief!" Annabelle sighed as we collapsed in our seats. "That was the longest five minutes of my life!" Dannielle laughed. "I was so nervous! Look at my hand! It's shaking!" Perrie held out her hand for us to see. "That was a very clever plan, Isabelle." Eleanor complemented me. "Thanks, it was nothing." I laughed. We headed back to my place and had dinner. They headed back to their flats and I went to bed. Tomorrow would only be nine more days left, then eight, then seven, then six, then five...and I dozed off just counting down the days in my head.
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