Breaking The Rules

What happens when One Direction suddenly gets new management that threatens to ruin their love life's? Will Niall and Isabelle pull through? Or will the evil new manager get his way and tear them apart, leaving them both devastated and heart broken? Read Breaking The Rules to find out!


2. Sticking Together

"I swear, I didn't sign it!" Zayn fumed as we sat in the living room of his and Perrie's house. "Neither did I!" Harry threw his hands in the air. "They had to have been forged." I piped in. "Huh?" They looked at me. "It's simple! You guys sign autographs all of the time! All you had to do would be sign an autograph for someone who worked for him and they forged it onto the contract." I shrugged. "Your right!" Louis pointed at me. "But what's on that contract?" Liam pondered. "And what happened to our old management?" Zayn looked around the room at us. "Guys, this could be really bad!" Perrie looked worried. "I know. There's no telling what we'll end up having to do." Liam shook his head. "We have to promise to stick together. No matter what they make us do." Niall stuck his hand out. "I promise." I put my hand on top of his and then the others did the same until Harry's hand was last and on the top. We all promised that we would stick together and to trust each other. We wouldn't listen to the lies that management would make up about us to try to tear us apart. We were a team and we weren't going to let someone screw that up.
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