Breaking The Rules

What happens when One Direction suddenly gets new management that threatens to ruin their love life's? Will Niall and Isabelle pull through? Or will the evil new manager get his way and tear them apart, leaving them both devastated and heart broken? Read Breaking The Rules to find out!


8. Phone Call Back Home

After eating, I decided to call my mom and see how things were back home. "Hello?" She answered the phone. "Hey mom!" I smiled. "Oh hey Isabelle! What are you up to?" "I just ate lunch. How about you?" "Oh just folding clothes. What did you have for lunch?" She made conversation. "I made a pizza." "Oh that sounds good! How was it?" "It was delicious!" "That's good." "Yep, so how's everything back home?" The other end of the line became silent. "Mom?" I started to worry. There was still no answer. "Mom, is everything ok?" I panicked. "N-no." She replied. "What's wrong?" "Your grandma is in the hospital." "Oh no! Which one?" I asked her. "My mom." Her voice cracked. "What happened?" "We're not sure yet, I went over to visit her and found her passed out on the floor." My mom cried. "I'm so sorry mom! I'm going to fly out there soon. Maybe next week. I want to see Niall before I leave." I told her. We talked for a little while longer. I hoped that my grandma would be ok. After we got off of the phone, it was dinner time so I ate the other half of my pizza from earlier, showered, and got in the bed.
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