Breaking The Rules

What happens when One Direction suddenly gets new management that threatens to ruin their love life's? Will Niall and Isabelle pull through? Or will the evil new manager get his way and tear them apart, leaving them both devastated and heart broken? Read Breaking The Rules to find out!


3. Another Meeting

"Hello?" Liam answered his phone. "Again?" He whined. "What is it?" Louis walked in, taking a sip from his bottle of water. Liam held up his pointer finger, telling him to hold on. "But we came yesterday!" He argued. "Fine. Whatever. We'll be there but no promising that we'll be on time." He hung up. "Management?" I asked him. He nodded his head. "I hate them." Louis mumbled and walked off, probably to find Eleanor. "So do they want us to come as well?" I asked. When I said 'us' I meant myself, Eleanor, Perrie, Dannielle, and Annabelle. "No. They said only the boys today. They want to see y'all tomorrow." He stood up from the sofa. "I better go round up the boys." And with that, he left. I went to the kitchen where Harry and Annabelle were making muffins. "Yumm!" I smiled. "They're blueberry, your favorite!" Annabelle turned around to face me. "Want some when there done?" Harry asked. "Sure!" I smiled. "No. There all for me!" Niall came in behind me and teased me. I turned around and poked his belly. "You might want to share a little. Your greediness with food is starting to show." He frowned and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He opened the back door and started running towards the pool. "No, Niall, no!" I shrieked. He just kept laughing and didn't stop. "Put me down, right now!" I pounded on him with my fists. "Nope!" He stopped at the edge of the pool. "Niall James Horan, you wouldn't." I growled. "Oh, I would." He laughed and tossed me into the pool. I got my revenge when he offered his hand to pull me out of the water. Yanking his hand, I pulled him into the water with me. "Meanie." He splashed me. "You started it!" I splashed him back. We kept teasing each other back and forth. "Niall, lets go!" Zayn walked outside. "Go where?" Niall asked. "You guys have a meeting." Perrie followed Zayn out the door. "Really?" Niall asked, annoyed. "Yeah. Come on, we'll leave in thirty minutes." Zayn handed us both towels. "Thanks for ruining my clothes." I mumbled to Niall as we walked through the door. Niall laughed, "No problem." Perrie must have overheard, "You can wear some of my clothes and Niall, you can wear some of Zayn's." We followed Perrie to their walk-in closet. We thanked her and changed into the dry clothes. We soon told the boys bye. "So what are we going to do now?" Annabelle asked. "Let's go shopping." Dannielle suggested. "Yes! I like that idea." Eleanor jumped up. "Me too." I smiled.

Niall's POV
"So boys, you need more fans. Now that all of you have girlfriends, your fans are loosing faith and giving up. We don't want that." Steve looked at us all. "What are you saying?" Louis asked him. "I'm saying no more girlfriends." He looked at all of us. "What?!" I jumped up. "Yes that's right. Now blondie, have a seat." He ordered me to sit back down. "Let me give you an illustration." He held up a group picture of all of us. We were all standing beside each other with our girlfriends on our backs. Steve then, slowly ripped the picture. We were separated from them. I looked around at everyone. The boys looked mad and angry. Then I looked at Steve who was still holding up the two pieces of the photograph and smiling. "How could you do this?" Louis growled. "How could-" He stopped and stormed out of the room. Liam stood up to go check on him. "No. Sit back down!" Steve snapped. Pretty soon, Louis walked back in and apologized. He probably called El because she was good at calming him down. "Now lets get this meeting started." Steve viciously grinned.
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