The Never Ending Dream

Everyone always believes in that Fairytale ending. Nowadays, it's hard to come across something extraordinary, but not for a bookworm. Ari Bell, who lives in a judgmental world, meets a guy named Justin, and a whole new reality unfolds in front of her eyes.


1. One

Its that time all over again, I thought. School. The one place were I can't be myself.
"Ari! Get up!" My mom called from downstairs.
"Already up." I responded.
It's my junior year of high school and I honestly can't wait. One more year and I'm out for good. Relief isn't it? Too bad I have to suffer another nine months to get there. I walk towards my closet, wondering what I'm going to wear for the first day back. Looking for something casual, I choose a simple black v-neck & light blue jeans. I never know what to do with my hair anymore, so I put it in a huge sock-bun. Satisfied with my style, I put on some mascara to define my blue eyes. I'm not really a huge fan of piling on makeup to look good.
"Ari! Let's go! You're going to be late!" I hate being rushed, so I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. It's beautiful outside. That perfect beach weather in California. I smiled, knowing, hoping, for something out of the extraordinary to happen.
"Ari... Promise me you'll try to put down the books and make some new friends this year? You can't read your life away." My mom scolded. At first I didn't answer. Books are my everything. They fill up that empty space in your life. Suddenly, that book I slipped into my bag weighed ten pounds.
"Alright..." I sighed. "I'll try."
"Thank you."
After that, the rest of the car ride was silent. Finally, we pulled up to Santa Monica High. I got a knot in my stoumach.
"Bye mom. Love you."
" Love you too."
I got out of the car and shut the door. My mom drove off, leaving me there all alone. She left me to the wolves. I turned and walked up the faded brick steps, the smell of the ocean caressing my nose as I opened the doors to my school.
As soon as I walked in, something was wrong. Before I could find out, my best friend Becca jumped on me.
"Ari! I've missed you! I havent seen you since Saturday!" She shouted. We both staired at each other, then bust into cheerful laughter.
"It's been too long, my dear friend." I responded, still gasping for air. "So what's going on here? I noticed something is different." Becca just stared at me, her 5'2 height and her dark brown eyes percing me.
"You seriously don't know?" She asked. I shook my head. "You've gotta lay off those books for awhile so you know what's going on in the world."
"Tell me!" I urged.
She took a deep breath. "Apparently pop-star Justin Bieber is comming here to finish his schooling. He's a junior, like us and he can't leave untill the school year is over."
I stood there, shocked. I think my world is ending. I'm one of the biggest Beliebers anyone's ever met.
"Everytime I see you Ari, you just seem to get more inhumanly beautiful, like a vampire or something." Becca grumbled. "I wish I looked like you."
That woke me up. I took in her stunning beauty. Her mysterious dark brown eyes, beautifully long brown hair, and her outstanding figure.
"What are you talking about? Everyone wants you to be theirs, I'm just some nerd no one will ever like."
She opened her mouth to respond, but the bell rang signaling the beginning of homeroom. I gave her a hug and walked off. I was searching for 234 when I ran into Mike.
"Hey" He said warmly. "Where you heading?"
"Me too. We can walk with each other."
"How was your summer?" I asked with a smile.
"It was great. Went to Vegas and then Florida. Met some new family members. How about you Ari?"
"Mine was great! I went to the beach, hung out with Becca, and read some great novels." I said.
"You and books, I swear." He said shaking his head. I didn't notice untill now how nice Mike looked. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, nice, muscular body build. We reached our destination. He held the door open for me.
"Thank you." I smiled. He smiled back and waved goodbye. I took a seat in the back, by a
"Attention everyone! My name is Mr. Lane, and I'll be your homeroom teacher. When I call your name, come up here and sign for your schedule." The tardy bell rang and he began.
Suddenly the door swung open, "Sorry I'm late, Im new here and I didn't know where I had to go." said a voice that sounded like melted honey.
"Its okay, what's your name young man?"
"Justin." The voice said. "Justin Bieber." And in he stepped, the guy of my dreams.

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