Sleepless Nights. (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles and Isabella meet, and of course fall inlove. Drama happens, and they can't sleep at night. When everything crashes, can it be repaired?


1. 1. Welcome Back.

- Izzy

I walked off of the plane and smiled looking around. I was finally home, with my bestfriend Louis waiting for me. I looked around the airport, looking for the blue eyed werido. I was greeted by Louis attacking me in a hug. I chuckled and dropped my bags and of course hugged him back.

"I missed you!" He mumbled and I nodded. I had moved to America for my studies, but I was done now. He wrapped his arm around my wasit and grabbed my bag, and I grabbed the other one. He pulled me through the crowd until I got to 4 familar faces, but never had I meant them before.

"I'm Zayn." A fairly tan guy said, shaking my hand. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He looked like a pretty boy if you asked me.

"Niall!" A irish accent boomed and I smHarry, nice to meet you."iled as he pulled me in for a hug. I awkwardly hugged him back and studied his features. A baby face with piercing eyes. His hair was dyed, as I saw his natural roots coming through. He seemed like the one who was the baby of the group.

"Liam." The next one said, shaking my hand. His grip was tight and firm so I knew he was the responsible one. He had stubble on his head, nice warm brown eyes and I enjoyed his smile.

"Harry." The last boy said. His curls sitting ontop of his head, some curls were sticking to his forehead making me smirk. He had olive green eyes and I stared at them for a little bit to long. He was gorgeous.

A/n: Sorry if there is any spelling mistakes. I'm on my phone. There may be grammar too, please don't hate. I don't like my writing but hope you do. (:
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