Alexandria Finnegan is just any normal girl looking for a summer romance. That is until certain mop of curls and green eyes turns her whole world upside down. Will she make it out without a broken heart?


1. cuddle up on rainy days with cups of hot cocoa


Alex’s pov:

*Knock Knock*

“go away..”

*knock knock*

Go away!!!


“GO AWAY!!!!”

   Who the hell would wake me up at this ungodly hour on my first day of summer? I fling open the door to find a confused younger brother. “What’s wrong Max?” I ask him, feeling guilty for yelling at him. “I can’t find Mommy” he complains. I sigh. “Well she probably just went out to the store for some more milk don’t worry”. “Come on, you can get in my bed and we can get some more sleep, ya?”  He nods his head and pads over to my bed. I plop him on my bed and lay down next to him.

    As I lie down and stare at my ceiling, I ponder about my summer plans. I had just graduated college and I was just looking to chill out, maybe even find a little romance here and there. Maybe get my heart stolen by a dashing young man, and we kiss in the rain and cuddle up on rainy days with cups of hot cocoa while watching SpongeBob reruns. But my life isn’t a Nicolas Sparks movie and non of that is going to happen. 

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