Please Let Me Fall In Love

Kiara is step cousins with the one and only Nathan Sykes from The Wanted but when she runs into her brother Louis Tomlinson she meets the rest of 1D and has to choose between Niall Horan,Harry Styles or a bestfriend....Justin Bieber


2. Umm...Never seen that coming

    He ran to me twirled me up in the air and when he put me down he pulled me into a hug.We cried and I could see Eleanor's eyes filled with joy but also tears because we were reunited."I'm so sorry please forgive me." he said as we pulled away."For what." I was literally confused."For leaving you i should have never done that your my baby sister I love you with all my heart and I regret ever leaving you alone to deal with our lost of our parents and sister i feel terrible please forgive me."He said as he cried."Of course and don't feel bad you did what you thought will be right for me and I'll always forgive you."I responded now recalling what he meant.I saw Nathan staring at us he cleared his throat.Louis turned around.Eleanor and I held hands.We were not going to loose each other,not this time Louis stood in front of us.



They walked up to each other and Eleanor and I were shocked they hugged and seemed happy."Thank you man, you took care of me sister."Lou said."Look you do know I don't hate you right? It's just these stupid rumors your actually pretty great."Nathan replied,"And your welcome,anything for family."He added."You guys are good too."Lou said. They smiled and turned to Eleanor and I we were speechless.Til Eleanor said "Shall we go to out stores now."she looked a me "wait you were taking turns with Lou?"I was surprised. "Yea were you and Nathan taking turns?" She asked "yeah."I replied. "What store to you ladies what to go to now?"Lou asked."Victoria's Secret." Ell and I said at the same time we giggled."Oh lord,let's get this over with." Nathan said. We all laughed.I held Nathans hand and Ell held Lou's.It was ok for me to hold Nathans hand cause we were cousins,plus everyone even paparazzi knew we were cousins so when they took pictures they didn't make it seem like we were going out or anything but we did joke around a lot.Ell and I were stopped and kinda pulled by the boys."You girls have fun,We'll wait here." Lou said. Ell and I looked at each other and nodded then pulled the boys in with us. They messed with bras underwear and everything else. I whistled, "Boys!" they put the bras down in its place just how it was and walked towards us."I can see you two enjoy this huh?"Ell said."Probably."Lou respond."Eh."Nathan added.Ell and I rolled our eyes we got our clothes and left. This time Siva,Max,Tom and Jay met Elanor and Lou turns out they actually liked each other and kinda became friends.

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