Please Let Me Fall In Love

Kiara is step cousins with the one and only Nathan Sykes from The Wanted but when she runs into her brother Louis Tomlinson she meets the rest of 1D and has to choose between Niall Horan,Harry Styles or a bestfriend....Justin Bieber


3. Meeting the guys

    El and I swapped number so did Lou and I.We planned on meeting up tonight at 6:30pm with the rest of 1D but my boys (The Wanted) had to record in the studio so Nathan said I could use his car to go over to meet the guys.I spend at least an hour with the boys until they had to leave then I watched a movie and thought about today.When the movie finished it was 5:00 so I got up took a shower and put on tights,converse, a shirt that said 'Aero, New York' along with a light pink sweater. I added a little of make up curled my hair grabbed my bag Nathans keys then drove off to Lou and Ell's house.When I got there i was about to knock on the door when Danielle opened it.We yelled."KiKi!!!"she said "Dani!!!"I replied we hugged and Perrie came over then we did the same.Ell,Dani,Perrie,and I were all really close friends.We closed the door behind us. I walked into the living room the boys were looking at us I knew their names and some other things about them. They got up introduce them selves we kissed on the cheek and hugged.But I could see I really caught Niall and Harry's eye.I sat between them.We watched movies and talked a little. "So Kiara tell me about yourself."Liam said. "Ok well, I'm uhh....Louis'  sister."I said  "BABY."He yelled typical Louis,"Baby sister."He added Every one was shocked and surprised,besides Dani,Perrie and Ell obviously."Wait so let me get this straight you guys are brother and sister?"Harry said "No we are alie-." I cut him off cause I know he'll go too far"Yea we are."I said."And she's mine you or Niall can not have her,especially you Harry I saw your eyes on her no,no bad boy no dating Louis' sister....NO!!"He said we laughed and Harry blushed.Louis added,"She's still a baby and you are an old fart."We laughed even more.Harry leaned in and was gonna whisper in my ear but Lou threw a pillow at us."Dude!!"Harry said.Lou looked at him strange "What I wasn't doing anything I was kissing my girlfriend see.."He kissed Eleanor for a while until I threw a pillow at them."Ok geez.."Lou replied.I got up and headed to the kitchen Harry followed.Everyone looked at us but no one move.I reached for the upper closet about to get a cup but a hand grabbed mine and spun me around I was now face to face with Harry.He put his hand on my cheek and leaned in then we kissed.I wrapped my arms around his neck,he held my waist.We kissed for a long time until Lou came in "what is ta-."He looked at us in shock.But then a smile appeared on his face. "Uhh... Lou-."Harry almost said."I get it go for it,I hoped you guys will end up together but Harry if you hurt my sister..."Lou was saying but I gave him a look as in 'Don't say it' "I'm happy for you that's all I have to say."He smiled and was about to leave but added"Oh and we're about to start a movie I don't think you two love birds will wanna miss it."He exit the kitchen.Harry and I looked at each other then laughed,I grabbed his hand and led him to the couch.

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