Please Let Me Fall In Love

Kiara is step cousins with the one and only Nathan Sykes from The Wanted but when she runs into her brother Louis Tomlinson she meets the rest of 1D and has to choose between Niall Horan,Harry Styles or a bestfriend....Justin Bieber


4. I'm done

          The next morning I woke up.Everyone was sleeping to I headed to the kitchen.I served myself a cup of water."Morning"I heard an Irish accent it kinda sounded groggy."Hey." I replied, "want something to eat or drink?"  "Yes please,uhh i will like to eat."Niall smiled. "ok."i looked in the fridge got out sum food.then i felt something grab my waist i turned and i was hoping it was Harry but instead it was Niall and before I could do anything our lips smashed against each other."What the hell?!?!?"

It was Harry,Niall had let go of me and Harry walked towards me and grabbed my wrist and held it tight it was turning red.A tears fell from my eyes "Harry your hurting me."I said."Good you deserve to hurt why the hell would you kiss my best friend?!?!"he yelled "I didn't kiss him will you fucking listen to me!!!"I replied.

"For what so you can have me forgive you then you can be a slut and go kiss other guys!"he tightened his grip

"Fuck you."I loosened the grip.i was walking away when Harry grabbed my arm,"LET ME GO!!"i yelled i loosened me grip he looked at me.I ran up stairs to the bathroom he followed.I slammed the door in his face.He punched the door as in he regret ever doing that."Kiara please let me in please..." I could hear that he was crying.I opened the door we were face to face and i passed by him he went chasing me "Kiara wait!!"he yelled after me.I was half way to the door when i turned "For what?!?,So you ca-"i was interrupted "What's going on.."Louis stood between Harry and I.I  started to cry because I knew that if i told Louis it'll ruin his friendship with Harry and I didn't want that."Come on love."Danielle and Eleanor took me to the couch waiting there was Perrie.I could tell Harry was upset with himself but he has no rite to put his hands on a girl especially one he was suppose to love....The boys went to the kitchen with Harry including Louis.Later on i calmed down and I'm guessing so did Harry cause him and the boys come over from the kitchen they were all happy and smiling.Louis had his arm around Harry.The girls and I were laughing and discussing if i should forgive Harry and we decided no until he really meant it or proved it."So girls what do you wanna watch?"Zayn asked."Actually I'm about to leave I-"I looked at the girls they nodded."I'm gonna meet up with a close guy friend I had for a while and we're going out for dinner with some friends..and umm....the girls and I were hoping if Zerrie, Ellouis, and Diam wanted to come."I said."Oh yeah sure."Zayn replied."absolutely"said Liam."Of course"said Louis.I smiled "Niall I have some one for you to go with as well i think you've liked her for a long time."I said. "Really who?"he was confused "Demi Lovato"I said he was excited."And as for Harry I got Taylor Swift for you,I mean I absolutely don't like her but it's all yours."I said forcing a smile.I could tell he was hurt that I was going will someone else and so was he.He couldn't even force a smile all he said was.."Of Great that's nice of you.."He said.


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