Please Let Me Fall In Love

Kiara is step cousins with the one and only Nathan Sykes from The Wanted but when she runs into her brother Louis Tomlinson she meets the rest of 1D and has to choose between Niall Horan,Harry Styles or a bestfriend....Justin Bieber


5. Dinner

      We waited and discussed what we were going to wear.When we decided on what to wear we left each other to go change. I went home so did Zerrie and Diam along with  Niall and Harry.I wore a red tight dress with the top cut low and red heels with a bit of red lipstick and some other make-up,I curled my hair(I love getting my hair curled). The bell rang I opened then door "Justin!"I said I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him."Hey beautiful."He said and smiled behind him was Demi.We were also close friends."Demi!"I hugged her"Hey your so pretty."she stated."You too I can't wait for Niall to see you he's gonna be speechless."I said "Aww that's so sweet."she added"Shall we go ladies."Justin said "Of course come on."Demi said we went to Justin's car.I got in front with Justin Demi got in the back.We drove to Lou's house.I rang the door bell.Ell opened it she looked so pretty in her green outfit.(not too green). Lou came and we all greeted each other and sat down.Justin and Demi already knew that Louis was my brother because I grew up with them.The bell rang we all looked at each other then I got a text 'Hey I'm outside~Niall' I smiled "Come on Demi"I said we got up she opened the door.she saw Niall.They were so happy to see each other,they hugged and kissed literally kissed.Then he kissed me on the cheek and we hugged."You two love birds are welcomed."I said.They knew what I meant and laughed.We took our seats.Minutes later the bell rang,I went alone this time.I opened the door it was Harry he looked at me up and down."You're gorgeous."He finally said."Oh uh thanks."I said he leaned in and we kissed.I pulled away...."Harry I can't I'm with Justin..."I said "Justin? as in Bieber?"I smiled,"Yea.."I closed the door and headed towards to rest.Then the bell rang again,we all got up and headed to the door."Hey.."Taylor said we walked past her.."..Hi..."We all said.She caught up with us and we drove in Justin's car or Niall's car.I was in the car with Justin,Harry and Taylor.The others were in the car with Niall.While we drove,we listened to music and then Justin held my hand and I smiled.I could tell Harry was getting jealous.But to be honest I wasn't trying to get him jealous I was actually falling for Justin."Ok we're here."Justin said as I saw Niall park and Justin did the same.He got out and opened my door and helped me out.Harry and Taylor just got out on their own.We went inside.Some people were staring cause of 'One Direction and Justin Bieber' were there with their dates.We were lead to our tables,Justin pulled out my seat,I sat and so did the others.We all ordered our drinks and food,the whole entire time Harry stared at Justin and I while Taylor tried to get his attention but it didn't work.After dinner we all went to my house and decided to play truth or dare."Ok umm Justin truth or dare?"asked Louis."Truth.."he said."Do you have feelings for my sister?"Justin looked at me and answered,"Of course she's gorgeous."I smiled and he wrapped his arm around me.

 A/N:Hey guys sorry for the kinda crappy chapter and sorry it's short but I gotta leave to my niece's birthday party,just tell me what you think and if it's good I'll do more cause I actually got like 2 more good stories so thanks for reading and I'll update when I come back. :)


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