Please Let Me Fall In Love

Kiara is step cousins with the one and only Nathan Sykes from The Wanted but when she runs into her brother Louis Tomlinson she meets the rest of 1D and has to choose between Niall Horan,Harry Styles or a bestfriend....Justin Bieber


1. Surprise!!

       So I wake up to my step cousin, Nathan and his friends carrying me and throwing me in the pool. Then I noticed it's Wanted Wednesday.Great.Don't get me wrong I love these guys but seriously in the morning not a good idea.I get out of the pool all soaked and I walk pass them. "Jerks" I say. They laugh, I got in my room then picked out my jean shorts, a shirt with the UK flag on it my socks and some converse. I took a shower and headed down stairs with my hair all curly (not too curly). "There she is." my childish cousin says. "Cute outfit"Siva says staring at my - "HEY!! eyes off my cousin u perv."Nathan says we all laugh."So what are you plans for today?" Max asked me, "To be honest I don't have any...."I respond they all stare at me in shock since I always have plans."Hmm since it's Wanted Wednesday wanna go to the mall."Jay asks."Yea sounds great."I reply. Nathan grabs his keys from the table behind the front door we follow him out side then get into the car. "Which mall?"Nathan asks. "I don't know.. any"I reply.He drives to the mall next to Nandos, it broke my heart to see that place I haven't been there since my mom and dad passed and it reminded me of my friends I haven't seen for a while.Then my brother popped in mind.."Louis" I whisper. "What?"Siva says and glances at me. "Oh uh..nothing." I say forcing a smile.Louis and I have had no contact since the recent pass of our youngest sister.Tears fill my eyes but I don't let them escape."We're here."Nathan said.We all got out of the car and headed to the mall my watery eyes went away once I saw the car that looked like my dad's well used to..."ok so do u guys wanna separate or what?" Max asked. "Together..Let's stay together." I respond. "Ok" Siva says.We went to variety of stores until the boys wanted to go to different stores and Nathan and I decided that the guys can leave but Nathan and I stick together.We went to his store, I wasn't the type to complain.So we were headed to Nathan choice first and we separated in the store but didn't leave without each other. I was in the sneaker section when  I heard.. "Kiara?!?!?" I turned it was Eleanor, Lou's girlfriend. "Eleanor!!"I practically yelled well not to loud.We hugged and started crying."Oh my god I haven't seen for at least the longest." She said. "I know i missed you so much."I responded "So did I". What are you doing here?"She added. "Oh shopping with my cousin."I said "What about you?"

"I'm here with L-"she was cut off

"Ki-Kiara." It was Louis he choked on his words.

"Lou."I said tearing up.


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