I'll Tell You A Tale Of Vampirates (1D Fan Fic)

Grace Cordweld (Turtle), has a hard life. When her father dies and the bank takes away everything, she steals a boat, running away from her past. Being caught in the middle of a freak storm, a mysterious ship comes to her aid. A ship with wing-like sails and a nocturnal crew. Join Turtle in her adventure, as she finds love, and death, and the haunting truth to her past. Come. Board the Nocturne, and sail of into the dark, lonely, dangerous sea, with the beautiful boys of One Direction. Based loosely on Justin Somper's "Vampirates".


8. Chapter 5

 *(RECAP) "Turtle," Liam whispered. "Don't turn around."


 "Why not," I asked, of course turning around. What I saw scared me beyond belief. Liam's eyes looked like pools of blood, and his mouth was parted slightly. Out of it, jutted his two, razor-sharp fangs. "AHH!," I screamed. "You're a Vampirate!"*


*Liam's P.O.V.*

 "Stay calm," I whispered, slowly getting up. Her hands shook as she fumbled with her pockets. "Turtle," I warned as she whipped out a pocket knife.


 "Stay back!," she yelled at me. Me heart cracked at the fear in her eyes. "You're a monster!"


 "No," I whispered. I backed up until I hit the wall and I slid down. The tears fell. My soul-mate thought I was a monster. Maybe I should explain the entire soul-mate thing. When a Vampirate meets the person they are going to spend the rest of their lives with, a bit of their soul joins with the other person's. They will never love another person, only their soul-mate. Ivy was mine. I felt it the moment she opened her eyes.


 "Liam?," she questioned.


 "You think I'm a monster!," I bawled, my face cupped in my hands. "It hurts! Especially from someone as beautiful as you! My soul-mate no less!"


 "What do you mean, soul-mate?," she whispered as she plopped down in front of my face.


 "I mean this," I said quietly. I hadn't processed what I was doing, but just as I was figuring it out, I cupped her face in my hands and brought her lips to mine.


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