I'll Tell You A Tale Of Vampirates (1D Fan Fic)

Grace Cordweld (Turtle), has a hard life. When her father dies and the bank takes away everything, she steals a boat, running away from her past. Being caught in the middle of a freak storm, a mysterious ship comes to her aid. A ship with wing-like sails and a nocturnal crew. Join Turtle in her adventure, as she finds love, and death, and the haunting truth to her past. Come. Board the Nocturne, and sail of into the dark, lonely, dangerous sea, with the beautiful boys of One Direction. Based loosely on Justin Somper's "Vampirates".


7. Chapter 4

*A/N: Due to the love from Jasmine+Niall=Friends and Ev3PJx, I have decided to take this story off hold!*


*Ivy's P.O.V.*

I was awaken by soft breathing in my ear. My eyes fluttered open, only to find my face tucked against a red-clad chest. I grinned. Liam. After I managed to wriggle free of his death grip on my waist, I sat and looked at him. His hair looked like it had been shaved off and just recently grew back. I ran my hand through it before realizing I was wearing his clothes. A quick glance around located my jeans, freshly washed and dried. I pulled them on and began to tend to my turtles. As I played with them, I began to sing a song my dad used for a lullaby.


*A/N: I do NOT own lyrics!* 

"I'll tell you a tale of Vampirates,

A tale as old as true.

I'll tell you a tell of an ancient ship,

and its mighty fearsome crew.

I'll tell you a tale of an ancient ship,

that sails the ocean blue.

That haunts the ocean blue.


The Vampirate ship has tattered sails,

that flap like wings in flight.

They say the captain, he wears a mask,

so as to curtail your fright.

At his death pale skin and his lifeless eyes,

and his teeth as sharp as night.

They say the captain he wears a mask,

and his eyes never see the light.


You better be good child,

good as gold.

As good as good can be.

Else I'll turn you into the Vampirates,

and wave you out to see.

You better be good child,

good as gold.

Beacause, look!

Can you see?

There's a dark ship in the harbor tonight

and there's room in the hold for the.


Now if pirates are bad,

and vampires are worse,

then I pray that as long as I be,

that though I sing of Vampirates,

I never one shall see.

If pirates are danger,

and vampires are death,

I'll extend my prayer for thee.

That thine eyes never see a Vampirate,

and they never lay a hand,

on thee."


"Turtle," Liam whispered. "Don't turn around."


"Why not?," I asked, of course turning around. What I saw scared me beyond belief. Liam's eyes looked like pools of blood, and his mouth was parted slightly. Out of it, jutted his two, razor-sharp fangs. "AHH!," I screamed. "You're a Vampirate!"

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