I'll Tell You A Tale Of Vampirates (1D Fan Fic)

Grace Cordweld (Turtle), has a hard life. When her father dies and the bank takes away everything, she steals a boat, running away from her past. Being caught in the middle of a freak storm, a mysterious ship comes to her aid. A ship with wing-like sails and a nocturnal crew. Join Turtle in her adventure, as she finds love, and death, and the haunting truth to her past. Come. Board the Nocturne, and sail of into the dark, lonely, dangerous sea, with the beautiful boys of One Direction. Based loosely on Justin Somper's "Vampirates".


4. Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of waves crashing around me. I was lying on something hard, most definitely not my bed. Someone's hand lifted my head up, and placed a soft item under my head. I opened my eyes, only to be looking into another's. They were the darkest brown I'd ever seen, and they were extremely close to my face. As the person pulled back, I saw it was a boy, and he looked about nineteen. His chest was bare, and that's when I realized his shirt was my pillow. "Who are you?," I asked, but I was extremely dehydrated, so it sounded like "whoareeeooo". "Here, drink this," the boy said, putting a bottle to my lips. The cool liquid went down my throat, and I repeated my question. "Liam, Liam Payne. And you are," he responded, helping me into a sitting position. "Grace Cordweld, but just call me Turtle," I said, then I suddenly remembered what had been in my bag. "My bag! Where is it?," I panicked. "It's in a cabin. Would you like me to take you there," Liam asked me. I nodded, but when I tried to stand, my legs gave out. Liam caught me, and whispered, "Put your arms around my neck." I did, and he picked me up, carrying me bridal style below deck. He took me to a hallway where there were only two doors, which was odd because all the others had eight. He set me down inside, and brought me my bag. I quickly grabbed an old shoebox and ripped the lid open. There sat my three turtles, Fang, Angel, and Lorcan. They were still alive, thank goodness. Liam looked at me and smiled. "Turtles are my favorite animals," he said, and he sat down next to me. He picked up Lorcan. "Mine, too," I said, and I thought it was cute how Liam started to play with Lorcan. "Is that how you got your nickname?" I nodded in answer, and checked my bag for their food. I found it, but it was ruined. "I can get you more," Liam said, taking it out of my hands. He stood up, and walked out the door saying, "Be right back." I got up and changed out of my wet clothes. Someone knocked, and I opened the door. Liam came in and started feeding the turtles. "So, Turtle, what's your favorite color," he asked me, trying to make conversation. "Red. You?," I asked, as I noticed he still hadn't put a shirt on. "Red," he replied, and he turned around. "I'm going to my cabin to change. It's the only other cabin in this hall. I'll be back later." And with that, he walked out the door and across the hall. "Sheesh, he's hot. Don't you think, Angel," I said, walking over to my turtles.

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