I'll Tell You A Tale Of Vampirates (1D Fan Fic)

Grace Cordweld (Turtle), has a hard life. When her father dies and the bank takes away everything, she steals a boat, running away from her past. Being caught in the middle of a freak storm, a mysterious ship comes to her aid. A ship with wing-like sails and a nocturnal crew. Join Turtle in her adventure, as she finds love, and death, and the haunting truth to her past. Come. Board the Nocturne, and sail of into the dark, lonely, dangerous sea, with the beautiful boys of One Direction. Based loosely on Justin Somper's "Vampirates".


3. Chapter 1

"We gather here today, to remember Dustan Cordweld. A fine man, a good father, a trustworthy friend. We will all miss him, but none as much as Turtle. But, Dustan will always be remembered, in our hearts," The preacher finished, as they lay my father in the ground. Not a single tear ran down my cheek, I hadn't cried since I was born. I'm a tough cookie, I have a shell a foot thick. All the 'guests' dispersed, all but the banker, Lincoln Willoughby. "Gracie," he started. "You know, you have nothing. Everything was taken to pay off your father's debts. Come with me, and become my daughter." "NO!," I screamed, and I ran to the funeral home. I grabbed my clothes and walked towards the docks, my plan had better work. I sneaked through the crowd of people, heading towards my father's boat. I slipped aboard, and cast off. "Look! Look! She is stealing her father's boat!" Cries rang up from the docks. I smiled, but it fell from my face as I looked to the sky. A strong storm was coming, and I was caught in the middle. "Good Lord!" Those were my last words, before a giant wave tipped my boat and sent me flying into the dark, angry sea.

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