Change My Mind

The sequel of "Last First Kiss," make sure you read that first :) Michaella wasn't sure if he was the one, sure he made her smile but there were times that ander took over. And sadness followed. Michaella couldn't decide, and she needed help, but who could she get it from? Everyone in her life is slowly drifting away from her, or are they?


2. Truths and Dares

  A/N Its a little mature but no major details. And if you want it to be super dirty then...sorry. I might start imagines after this, so you can request some ideas  -Marie xx.


  Finally an hour had passed and Harry came inside, along with Ed. All the sandwiches were gona and they both ate already so I was being a good host so far. "Can we play now?!?!" Louis whined. "Yes," Liam told Harry and Ed to come play. As Harry sat next to me, I gave him a kiss on the cheeck. He smiled softly until Niall started to tease. It was cute how Harry's cheecks would change to a soft pink color when they would talk about us. Teasing or not it was still cute.

    "Truth," Perrie chose. "Oh come on! Choose dare!!!" everyone whined trying to get her to change her choice. She was afraid to choose dare, since Harry is the one giving the question, or demand. She finally gave in,"fine..fine...I choose dare." "Final answer?" Zayn asked. "Sure whatever." Harry started to think of a good dare,"I dare you to...uh....hmm...I dare you to play 'too hot' with Zayn." Perrie knew the rules, if she lost then Zayn got to do anything. Anything. She faced Zayn, and slowly leaned in. Soon after in turned into a full blown make-out session. Hands were all over, I could tell that Perrie wanted to win. She wasn't exactly shy, so it looked like she was beat Zayn.

    "I can't take it anymore," Zayn sighed heavily. "Haha I won!" Perrie cheered. I thought it was funny since sh won X-Factor, but I wouldn't dare bring that up. "Okay...Louis-" "DARE!!!" Louis interupted her, we all knew the question so he just answered. Her dare was a little lame, but no one could do anything about it. She dared him to dare Harry, for "payback." There wasn't anything bad, I mean Harry basically gave them a favor. They got to makeout in front of all of us, which wasn't all that usual.

    Louis dared Harry to bring me to the bedroom. He demanded that we had "7 minutes in heaven." I was nervous since this was more than  making out, and I was still a virgin. Harry knew that, and so did Louis, and everybody else. "Lou, thats a little over board, I mean you know Michaella's a-" Once more Louis interupted,"yeah yeah yeah, virgin, yeah, but dude, a dare's a dare. Are you gonna back out, cuz you know the rules." In our game of truth or dare, you had to go skinny dipping. Usually Harry wouldn't care. but that was summer nights. It was a bright winter day, so Harry did what he was told to.

    He picked me up bridal style, and up the stairs.He basically threw me on the bed, and locked the door behind him. "Kitten, I know a dare's a dare, but I dont want to rush things. Especially since you're a virgin." I was blushing a little, and he continued,"We dont have to if you dont want to," he whispered in my ear. His hot breath hit my neck, and it sent chills through out my body. "Well we dont have to know.. but we can always have a little fun," I wanted to sound sexy but it was hard for me, since I'm really insecure. I wanted to make a liitle show for everyone, since I knew they were listening from the door outside. I thought it would be funny to jump on the bed and make some fake moans. Afterall, I was a good actress.

        But then we started kissing, and I mean french-kissing. It soon became a make-out session. Harry's hand slipped under my shirt. What was he doing...or thinking? Well whatever it was, I didn't want him to stop. This was the closest we've ever been, physically that is. Some how our make-out session really did turn into a few minutes in heaven. The fake moans became real, and there was no need for jumping in bed. Everything just moved so fast, and obviously Perrie won.

    "Times up! Louis shouted through the door. We quickly tried to get out clothes on. Harry got his everything on, but his shirt, same with me. Louis slammed open the door, and I was in my bra, so I quickly covered up. Louis must've found the spare key. "Well looks like some one isn't all that innocent now, ain't that right Michaella?" Louis was trying to be funny. But I wasn't laughing seeing how this was serious. I wasn't "innocent" or "pure" anymore. It was fun at the moment, but a regret when it was over. I put on my shirt and we all went down stairs to play twister. The day was soon over, and it was time to go to sleep very shortly.

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