Change My Mind

The sequel of "Last First Kiss," make sure you read that first :) Michaella wasn't sure if he was the one, sure he made her smile but there were times that ander took over. And sadness followed. Michaella couldn't decide, and she needed help, but who could she get it from? Everyone in her life is slowly drifting away from her, or are they?


1. Working on a Dayoff?

    Dear Diary,           Jan. 29th

    It's been a month sice the whole "Jake Accident," had happened. Harry and I have had amzing dates, but the boys have been teasing him sice he looks at me all the time. Its really cute though, I think the boys are just jealous. Everything is great, but I have court tomorrow, so that means that I have to see Jake's face once more. Robert, Harry, and the rest of the lads are going as well. They are witnesses, so I need them. Actually they kinda HAVE to go. But once court is over, Robert has to go back to America, but its where he belongs. Plus he's still not used to listening to a bunch of british accents all day.



    Once I was done on my macbook writing in my "diary," I decided to go down stairs and hang out with the boys. Perrie was coming over and Niall was starving, so I made some lunch. Nothing special, just sandwiches. It was kind of funny watching Niall devour the sandwiches, he acted like hadn't eaten in days. Realisticly its only been about an hour since he last ate. "Where's Harry?" it was weird that he was gone, usually he's still sleeping at 12, or eating lunch. "He went to the studio," Louis told me where Haz was hiding. But why would Harry be at the studio now? It was a Sunday and more importantly, his day off. Usually we'd be spending time on his day off by cuddling and having a movie marathon. "Why, its his day off?" I asked curiously. Niall giggle to himself as Liam hit him on the back of his head. "Oh no reason, I guess he just with Ed." Zayn replied, but he looked lost. Maybe he was lying but I didn't think much of it.

    I texted Harry: Hey babe, why aren't you here? Perrie is coming over and we're planning on having a game day sooo please tell me what your up too

    Haz: Hello kitten :) Im working at the studio and I wont b home 4 another hour or so, but dont play twister till i get back xx.

    Me: kk 

    Haz: gtg dtb


    Some one was knocking on the door, I assumed it was Perrie. I opened it and was shocked. I thought only Perrie was coming over but Danielle and Eleanor were with her. I didn't to be a bad host so I went to make extra sandwiches. When I came to the living room, everyone was on the floor, sitting in a circle. The coffee table was against the wall so there would be room. I sat down, and everybody seemed really bored. What game should I recommend, I couldn't think of anything fun for the first game. "How 'bout truth or dare?" Louis asked since it was one of his personal favorites. "We should wait for Harry to play that one," Liam knew that Harry loved to give people funny dares so we played Trouble instead. We waited for Harry to come back, and an hour finally passed. 

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