The Mark Of The Vampire Princess (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Diana thought she was a normal girl. But on her 16th birthday something happened. She got a mark on her back. Her parents knew what was coming.

They send Diana to her palace where she meets her real parents but they are in great war with the 'Immortal Suckers' also known as evil vampires.

But what happens when Diana starts to fall in love with one of the evil vampires. Harry. Harry does the same back. But will they work out? Or will they each get hurt by enemies and friends? Read more and find out.


6. Chapter 6- Mum Loves Harry

A/N: This chapter has a new character in it. Yes she is a vampire. She is going to be in between. A little like Harry sometimes and also like Anne her mother. 












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Diana's POV


Louis stood up and answered the door. Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled.

"Holi" Louis shouted.

A massive smile appeared on Liam's face. Wow okay weird. "Holi and Liam are going out" Harry whispered in my ear. 

"Ah" I said. Harry kissed my cheek softly. 

Holi and Louis walked in. They where holding hands. Liam ran and hugged Holi. "I've missed you babe" Liam said. 

Holi smiled, "Missed you too handsome" Holi said.

They pulled away. "Holi this is Diana, Diana this is my sister Holi" Louis said.

"Nice to meet you" Holi said.

"You too" I said.

Harry looked at me. "You okay?" Harry asked.

"Can I got home?" I asked.

"Tomorrow babe. We have no idea where they are" Harry whispered.

I nodded. Harry hugged me. I placed my head in his chest. Harry rubbed my back. "So you guys want to ah go out while Liam and Holi talk?" Zayn asked.

We nodded and stood up. I grabbed my jacket and put it on. Harry grabbed his along with the rest of the boys. "See you later. No funny business. Use condoms" Harry shouted.

"Harry" Louis snapped.

"What it might happen and do you want your little sister pregnant?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

"True. Liam use a condom" Louis said.

We left the house. Harry grabbed my hand. I sneezed. "Bless you" Harry said.

"Thank you" I said.


Liam's POV

When the boys left. Holi smiled at me. I pushed her against the wall and slammed my lips onto hers. Holi smiled and kissed back. Once I pulled back Holi unbuttoned my top slowly. I smiled. She then ripped it open and looked up and down at my abs. I grabbed Holi by the waist and pulled her closer. When I was about to unbutton her shirt. The boys ran in. Diana was in Harry's arms.

"Guys I said a condom god" Louis shouted.

"Shh..." Harry said.

I buttoned my shirt up again. "What happened?" I asked.

"Diana's coming down with something" Harry whispered and disappeared down the hall.

I looked at the boys. His mother was the same before Robin killed her. Is Diana going to get killed. Louis looked sad.

"What is going on?" Holi asked.

"Diana is the princess" Louis whispered.

"You are kidding right" Holi said.

We shook our heads. Harry came down.

"Harry do you think..." I was stopped by Harry giving my daggers and walking into the kitchen. 

I sighed. Holi looked at me. Andy and Jasmine ran in. Harry ran out.

"Where is our daughter?" Andy asked.

Robin walked down with Diana. "Here" Robin said.

Harry looked at Robin. Jasmine picked Diana up. "What did you do to her Harry?" Andy asked.

"Nothing alright" Harry snapped. A tear fell down his cheek. "She's dying but not from me" Harry whispered.


Holi's POV

Jasmine and Andy left with Diana. Harry was in his room. He didn't want to come out. Liam took me to his room. Where he told me everything. "Okay so Harry is in like love love with this girl" I said. Liam nodded. "Pretty much yeah" Liam said.

I nodded. "Poor Harry" I said.

Liam pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. I pushed Liam onto the bed. Liam smiled. Louis walked in. I groaned and pulled back. "God dammit" Louis said.

"What do you want" I asked snapping.

"Harry isn't in his room" Louis said.

"What's it got to do with us?" I asked.

"He's going to kill himself alright. He wanted to do the same when Anne got killed by Robin" Louis snapped.

We jumped up and ran outside running and looking for Harry. we got to Andy and Jasmine's palace. I knocked. Jasmine answered. She rolled her eyes. She went to close the door when I stopped her. "Look we are only here for Diana okay" I said.

"I don't care you are evil" Jasmine snapped.

"I am not I am not on anyone's side alright and neither is Harry okay his dad is forcing him to or he will Diana which he is doing. Okay and Harry is going to kill himself because he's blaming himself" I said.

"What's that to do with me?" Jasmine asked.

"Do you remember Anne?" Niall asked.

Jasmine's face saddened. "Yes she was my best friend why?" Jasmine asked.

"She was Harry's mother. Robin killed her because she was good right in front of Harry when he was 5. Robin said to Harry is he chose's goodness over evil he will be killed and if he falls in love he will go after her and kill her" Niall said.

Jasmine sighed and let me in. We ran straight up to Diana's room. We burst though the door. Harry was crying. "I hate my dad. I hate him" Harry shouted and punched the wall. Andy and Jasmine ran in.

"I want Anne back. I want my mum" Harry shouted so loud the house shook.

"Harry calm down you know what can happen" Louis said.

"Why should I? Dad is killing everyone I love. Because I want to be good again and not evil. I want to be like mum" Harry shouted. 

Zayn punched Harry. "Calm down" Zayn shouted.

Harry looked mad. "I thought you were on my side not my dad's" Harry shouted.

"I am on both" Zayn said.

"Fine then get out of here" Harry said.

Zayn was shocked. He went to walk out. Niall stopped him. "He is just mad you hit him" Niall whispered. Zayn pushed Niall against the wall. Niall whimpered. 


Diana's soul POV's

I was watching around. Harry was crying. Zayn was mad. I looked over and saw my body. I screamed in fright. How is this possible? Who is doing this? Wait Robin. Niall can see spirits he saw me. I pointed to the necklace. Niall nodded and walked up. He went to grab the necklace. Mum screamed at him. Niall grabbed it. He looked at me. I pointed at Harry. Niall nodded and walked over to Harry.

"Put it over his head" I said.

Niall did what I said. "Niall what are you doing?" Harry asked.

"Tell him to wait" I said.

"Just wait" Niall said.

The necklace started to glow. "OMG Harry is Diana's true love and Diana is Harry's" Dad said shocked. 

I smiled at Niall then my soul went back into Diana.


Diana (Real Diana's) POV

My eyes open. I gasped for air and coughed. Harry ran and hugged me. He cried. "I thought you were gone" Harry cried. I mouthed thank you to Niall. Niall smiled and mouthed No Problem. Harry pulled back and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. Harry took the necklace off and put it around me. We pulled back.

"That proves these guys aren't evil" Mum said.

"Are you serious they live with Robin" Dad snapped.

mum rolled her eyes. "So did Anne and she was good. So she was evil than huh. You are calling my dead best friend evil" Mum yelled.

"You knew my mum?" Harry asked.

Mum nodded. "We were like sisters. When she met Robin. I wasn't all happy there" Mum said.

Harry nodded. Dad looked at mum. "You saw Harry crying over our daughter alright. You heard his say he hated his dad. You heard and saw everything" Dad said. Dad looked mad. He turned to me. "I forbid it. Diana you can no longer see Harry" Dad shouted.

I stood up. "No way. If you won't expect me than I don't expect you" I shouted. I took the necklace off and checked it. It landed in front of dad. Mum looked at me. "Babe no you can't do that" Harry said.

"I don't care anymore. I love you and only you. I have no one else apart from mum who cares for my feelings" I shouted.

Mum picked the necklace up. She walked up to me and put it around me again. "Go with Harry alright sweetie. You deserve someone like him" Mum whispered. She kissed my forehead. "You Harry look after her if not I will come after you" Mum said.

Harry nodded and hugged me. "Honey you can't be serious" Dad said.

"I am alright Harry is better good than evil. I see it in his soul alright. It has been good for ages" Mum said.

All of us left. Harry spun me around. I giggled.

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