The Mark Of The Vampire Princess (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Diana thought she was a normal girl. But on her 16th birthday something happened. She got a mark on her back. Her parents knew what was coming.

They send Diana to her palace where she meets her real parents but they are in great war with the 'Immortal Suckers' also known as evil vampires.

But what happens when Diana starts to fall in love with one of the evil vampires. Harry. Harry does the same back. But will they work out? Or will they each get hurt by enemies and friends? Read more and find out.


5. Chapter 5- Saving Harry


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Someone gasped. I then heard a thud. I turned and saw Harry. Tears fell. "Harry" I cried. I got to his level. Harry wiped my tears off. "It's nice to see you cry" Harry coughed.

"Please" I whispered. The boys ran in. "Diana get her" Louis shouted. I looked at them. I used my power and pushed them into a wall without touching them. I looked at Harry.

Harry coughed. "Your going to be fine" I whispered. Robin laughed and ran out. My tears fell onto Harry's cheek. "I don't want to lose someone who loves me" I said.

I grabbed the knife. "What are you doing?" Harry asked. "Saving your life" I whispered.

Harry looked shocked. I cut my arm a little. I winced. Niall broke open the door. I placed my arm onto Harry's mouth. "Please drink" I said.

Harry nodded and he drank my blood. He stopped and pulled back. Harry fell asleep. I picked Harry up and placed him onto the bed. I placed my hands on top of Harry's wound and healed. Everyone royal vampire has more than one power. Robin walked it. I turned and kicked him into the wall.

"You know your parents won't be happy" Robin asked.

"I don't give a fuck right now. It's Harry I care about more. You son of a bitch" I yelled.

Liam looked at me. "How do we know you didn't stab him?" Liam asked.

"Oh please. I couldn't even stab Robin" I said. I kissed Harry's forehead.

Harry's eyes opened slowly. He smiled as he saw me. "Thank you" Harry said.

"No problem" I said. I screamed and fell.

"D" Harry said. Harry got to me. "Robin" Harry yelled.

"It's not me" Robin said.

Harry turned me around. He checked my mark. I screamed in pain. "Shh..." Harry said. He laid me on his lap. "What's wrong?" Zayn asked.

"My parents know" I said. Harry kissed my forehead. I was catching my breath. Harry squeezed my hand. "I am sorry" Harry said.

"It's not your fault" I said. Unless. "It's not my parents" I said.

"Who is making you scream?" Harry asked.

"I need to go to Lucy and Marks" I said. Harry looked at me confused. "They are in danger" I whispered.

Harry nodded. He helped me up. "You are not taking her she is our enemy" Robin snapped.

"I can and will. I never wanted to be evil. You killed mum because she was good and made me this evil Prince" harry snapped.




We got to my old house. I ran in. "Mark... Lucy" I called.

I ran up the stairs. I saw blood running out from underneath the door. I opened the bathroom door and screamed. Harry ran up. He saw and placed my head in his chest. I cried.

"Brood" Harry whispered.

I looked at Harry. "A group. More dangerous than us. They kill any human who has been in contact with a human" Harry said.

I cried harder. Harry rubbed my back. He shut the door. We walked out. Harry placed me onto his back. Since he knew I would probably kill someone. He ran off vampire speed. We got back to his palace. "My friends are going to be dead as well" I cried. We walked in.

"DAD" Harry shouted. The boys and dad ran down. "What?" Robin asked harshly.

"The brood is back" Harry whispered. "Harry I need to go" I said. "Oh no they are coming after your side and my side" Harry said.

I looked at Harry. "Nope. I don't care what the boys or dad thinks alright. I love you. Only you. I can't watch and you get killed" Harry whispered.

I dialed my friends. No answer. Then I got something.

"Hear your friends scream" a man said.

My friends screamed. I fell to the ground. Everyone heard the screams. Harry hugged me. "They are dead because of me" I cried. "Shh..." Harry said rubbing my back.

That night I laid on Harry's bed. The screams of my Friends replaying in my head. Tears fell. I wiped them off. Harry turned over and woke up. "Babe you have to sleep" Harry said.

I shook my head. "I can't" I whispered. Harry put his arms around me. He pulled me into his warm chest and started to hum. I smiled. "Just close your eyes" Harry whispered.

I nodded and closed my eyes.


Louis' POV

The boys and I were looking in Harry's room. He really loves Diana. And he is right we never wanted to be evil. But Robin was so pushy and strong he made us follow his orders. I think we should give Diana a change.

The way she helped him when Robin stabbed him. Says something. Harry woke up and saw us. He slowly got out of Diana's grip and walked towards us quietly.

"Is she okay?" Niall asked whispering.

Harry shook my head. "No I had to us my power to put her to sleep. That is saying something" Harry whispered.

We nodded. "You really love her don't you?" I asked whispering. Harry nodded. "Yeah" He whispered.

Diana started to scream. Harry and us ran up. Harry tried shushing Diana. Nothing worked. Harry grabbed her hand. Diana started to calm down. He went to move his arm. "Don't leave" Diana mumbled. She opened her eyes. Harry hugged Diana.

"Are you okay?" Zayn asked. Diana nodded slowly. Harry and Diana pulled away. "Sorry for waking you guys" Diana said.

That's what I mean. She is so nice. Even thought she knows we are in the evil category. She is so trustworthy. She see's good in us. Unlike her parents. Diana sat up. "Where's my necklace?" Diana asked.

Harry picked it up and showed Diana. She checked the back and smiled. "Thank you" Diana whispered. Harry smiled and said, "No problem babe" I said.




Diana's POV

The next day. I got to know the boys a little more. They seem like good lads. I mean the way they speak. They hardly talk about humans. It's mainly Robin.

"So Diana where's your mark?" Louis asked.

"My back" I said.

Louis nodded and smiled. Deep into our conversation. The door bell rang.




Cliffhanger... Ooh who is the person at the door. Hmm... Who could it be.... Well you just have to wait don't ya. Please




*Dance until you die

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