The Mark Of The Vampire Princess (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Diana thought she was a normal girl. But on her 16th birthday something happened. She got a mark on her back. Her parents knew what was coming.

They send Diana to her palace where she meets her real parents but they are in great war with the 'Immortal Suckers' also known as evil vampires.

But what happens when Diana starts to fall in love with one of the evil vampires. Harry. Harry does the same back. But will they work out? Or will they each get hurt by enemies and friends? Read more and find out.


3. Chapter 3- Harry Has The Mark Of The Vampire Prince... Who knew?



This chapter moves a little fast so please no hate.




When I got home. Jasmine and Andy hugged me. "Thanks for leaving me" I snapped. They pulled back. I walked past them and slammed my bedroom door shut.

I laid on the bed. Jasmine and Andy walked in. "We are sorry" Jasmine said.

"Your lucky I got away" I said looking at the roof. Jasmine and Andy walked out. I sighed. The guy I love  is an enemy with my family. This isn't going to go down well. Why is life so hard? "I can tell you that" Harry whispered.

I looked and saw Harry. He shut the door and locked it. "What are you doing here?" I asked. Harry looked at me. "I wanted to see if you were alright" Harry whispered.

"I'm fine" I said.

Harry sat on the bed. "Mark and Lucy hey Diana is in her room asleep" Jasmine said. Thank god. "Can we go up and see?" Mark asked. No. "Yes you may" Jasmine said. Harry hid under the bed. Mark and Lucy walked in.

"Hey Di" Lucy said.

"Hey mum" I said.

Lucy hugged me. "We miss you" Lucy said.

"Miss you too" I said. Mark kicked Harry. Okay that was close. "How are you going?" Mark asked.

"Okay I guess" I said.

Mark and Lucy left after a while. They shut the door. Harry appeared again. "Mark kicks hard" Harry said. "He didn't know you were under there" I whispered. 

"Are they your adoptive parents?" Harry asked.

I nodded. "Yeah Jasmine and Andy gave me up at 4 weeks old. Lucy couldn't get pregnant so to them I was a miracle"  I whispered.

Harry nodded. "Well I better get going before my dad has a go at me again" Harry said.

"Bye" I said.

"Bye love" Harry said and disappeared vampire speed.

I smiled. My back started to hurt. I took my top off and looked in the mirror. My mark was changing. Why? I put my top on. I ran down  the stairs. "Jasmine and Andy my mark is changed" I said.

They looked at me. "Show us" Andy said.

I took my top off and showed them. "Your in love but with who?" Andy asked.

"I don't love anyone" I said and put my top on.


Harry's POV

My shoulder burnt. I rolled my sleeve up. My mark changed but why. "Dad" I said. Dad ran in. "Yeah son?" He asked.

"My mark changed is that normal" I asked a little scared.

Robin had a look. He was thinking. "Your in love Harry but with who?" He asked.

"No one" I said and rolled my sleeve down.

Will that mean Diana's mark changed too. "I am going out" I whispered. Dad nodded and ran out the house vampire speed. I got to Diana's. I saw her in her room looking at her mark. I ran in. "Harry" Diana said closing her door and curtains.

"Your mark changed to" I said.

"You have a mark?" Diana asked.

"Yes did yours change?" I asked.

Diana nodded. I showed her mine. Diana showed me hers. "Does it know we are in love with each other" Diana whispered.

"Probably" I said.

"Diana" Mia (Maid) said.

"Yeah?" Diana asked.

"Are you okay in there?" Mia asked.

"Yes Mia" Diana said.

"Okay" Mia said. 

I smiled and looked at Diana. "Well we have to hide this we can't know we have the same mark now" I whispered.

Diana nodded. "Meet me in the park at midnight" Diana said.

I nodded. I kissed Diana's cheek and ran out. 


Diana's POV

It was 11:30pm. I changed into something warm. Mum and dad were asleep  I quietly made my way out of the house. I then ran to the park. When I got there Harry was waiting. "How are we going to hide this?" Harry asked.

"Don't let anyone else see our marks that what we have to do" I said.

Harry looked at me. "It's hard when the boys and I got into the pool" Harry whispered.

"Just say it's always been like that" I said.

"What about yours" Harry asked.

"I have no friends in the palace. My other friends live near my adoptive parents" I said.

Harry nodded. "Okay then your safe I'm not" Harry said.

"I am no where near safe" I said.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"My parents check on me everyone hour of the day" I said.

We heard the palace bell go off. "That's for me I snuck out of the house" I said.

Harry shook his head. "Your naughty girl" Harry smirked.

I chuckled. Harry grabbed my hand we ran under a tree and sat there. 

"Harry" I said.

Harry looked at me. "Yeah" Harry said.

"Did you want to be evil?" I asked.

Harry tucked my hair behind my ear. "No but its the way my parents are. Well my mum wasn't. Robin killed her when I was 5. If I don't follow his rules he will kill me or he will kidnap the girl I love and torture her" Harry said.

I nodded. "Don't worry he isn't going anywhere near you" Harry whispered. I smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. We pulled back and smiled. "I love you" Harry whispered. "Love you too" I said whispering. 




Yes I know it's a little fast. But come on they are cute. Hmm... Should the boys find out? Comment what you think should happen. I am loving this story. I hope I get a good amount of reads.





*No Hate


I love being 18. Woohoo.

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