The Mark Of The Vampire Princess (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Diana thought she was a normal girl. But on her 16th birthday something happened. She got a mark on her back. Her parents knew what was coming.

They send Diana to her palace where she meets her real parents but they are in great war with the 'Immortal Suckers' also known as evil vampires.

But what happens when Diana starts to fall in love with one of the evil vampires. Harry. Harry does the same back. But will they work out? Or will they each get hurt by enemies and friends? Read more and find out.


2. Chapter 2- The Palace


Diana's POV

I got to the palace doors. I was nervous. I am meeting my real parents. I knocked on the door after taking a massive breath. A lady answered it. "Diana" The lady said and hugged me tightly. Okay.

Mark walked up. The lady and I pulled back. "Diana this is your real mother Jasmine" Mark said. I nodded slowly. Now I had to get to know my real parents. This is going to be hard. Then a man walked up. "Diana my dear daughter" The man said. I looked at Mark. "And your real dad Andy" Mark said.

I hugged them both. We pulled away. Mark walked closer. "Alright be safe okay and I will be here if you need me just like Luccy" Mark said. I smiled and said, "Thank you papa."

Mark kissed my cheek. He hugged me and walked off to the car and drove away. Tears fell. A butler came down and carried my suitcase to my room. Jasmine, Andy and I started to talk. Maybe this isn't all bad.

"You are so beautiful" Andy said.

"Thank you dad" I whispered. Should I call him dad? I have two dads and two mothers. 

Jasmine hugged me. I smiled. Her hair and eyes were like mine. I wondered why Lucy didn't have hair like me. Now I know. "I see you wearing the necklace" Jasmine said.

"Yeah Lucy gave it to me today" I said. Jasmine smiled. "We are sorry we gave you up but we are in battle at the moment with an evil group of vampires" Jasmine said.

I nodded. "Lucy told me that something was going on and you guys didn't want me to get killed today" I said. 


Harry's POV

I was talking to papa. Louis ran in. "King Robin and Prince Harry" Louis said.

"What?" We asked.

"The princess is back" Louis said.

I looked at dad then Louis. "What Princess?" I asked.

Robin punched the wall. "She was supposed to be living with her human family until we destroyed the palace" Robin said.

"What is going on?" I asked a little confused.

Robin looked at me and shook his head. "Jasmine and Andy had a child 16 years ago and they took her away to another family so they could protect her. Now she's back and there is no way we can destroy the palace with her around" Robin said.

I got mad and smashed the wall. "Why didn't I know about this?" I asked. 

"I'm sorry son" Robin said.

I was still mad. "Sorry doesn't cut it. I HATE YOU" I shouted and walked out.  I can't believe he kept i from me.

Louis got beside me. "That was a bit harsh" Louis said.

I faced Louis. "He's a vampire he should handle it" I snapped. 

Louis sighed and turned and different way towards his room. I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk.


Diana's POV

"Mama and Papa I am going for a walk" I said grabbing my jacket.

"Okay sweetie be careful" Mum said.

I smiled. They are also so nice. "I will be bye" I said and walked out. I put my jacket on. Man it was cold. And snowing. I looked around when I bumped into someone. "Sorry" we said at the same time. I looked up and saw a handsome boy.

"Why are you out so late?" The boy asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing" I said smiling.

"I'm Harry by the way" Harry said.

"Diana" I said.

"Nice necklace. What are you doing out so late?" Harry asked.

"Going for a walk. I am new to this town. I just got reconnected with my real parents. You?" I said.

"Had a fight with my dad wanted to take a breather" Harry said.

I nodded. "Well I have to go see yo around" I said.

Harry smiled. "Maybe" Harry said.

I walked off and smiled. Man he was nice. Is everyone around here nice? I don't know.


Harry's POV

The girl is so beautiful. Diana her name is. Man. And she is nice. Nice mix for a girl beautiful and nice. Well I better get back. I got back to the palace and my dad was standing there. I walked past him and got to my room. Where I saw the boys. "What?" I asked.

"Where were you?" Liam asked.

"I went for a walk" I said smiling remembering Diana.

"Oh really" Louis said.

"Yes I went for a walk okay" I said.

The boys nodded. I sat on my bed. We started to talk.


Diana's POV

I got back to the palace. I walked in and saw my parents fighting. "D get out of here" Dad said. I went to run when I got knocked out. 


Harry's POV

We heard shouting. "Sir we got the princess" A guard yelled. We ran out. I saw Diana and got scared. Diana is the princess. No she can't be. I love her. Like love. Jasmine and Andy ran in. "Give us back Diana" Jasmine said.

We all started to fight. A guard dropped Diana. I ran and caught her before she landed onto the ground. I disappeared down the hall. I got into my room. Locked the door and laid Diana onto the bed. When she woke up. Diana got scared and backed away. "Don't hurt me Harry" Diana whispered.

"I won't" I said.

"Your the prince?" Diana asked.

I nodded. "Your the princess" Diana nodded.

"I only found out today" Diana whispered.

"I know Louis told me the princess was back. I didn't know Jasmine and Andy had a child" I said. Diana nodded looking at me. "Diana" Andy shouted. "Scream" I whispered.

Diana nodded and screamed. "Let me go" Diana screamed. "No you bitch" I shouted. Andy ran in. I hissed. Diana faked falling unconscious  I faced Andy. We started to fight. Once Andy lost he left without Diana. Jasmine ran off too. What a great family. I closed the door again and locked it. Diana opened her eyes.

"Nice acting" I chuckled.

"I try" Diana whispered.




What do you think? Good or Bad? Please tell me. 





*No Hate


Have fun.

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