The Mark Of The Vampire Princess (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Diana thought she was a normal girl. But on her 16th birthday something happened. She got a mark on her back. Her parents knew what was coming.

They send Diana to her palace where she meets her real parents but they are in great war with the 'Immortal Suckers' also known as evil vampires.

But what happens when Diana starts to fall in love with one of the evil vampires. Harry. Harry does the same back. But will they work out? Or will they each get hurt by enemies and friends? Read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1- The Mark Of the Vampire Princess What The?

A/N: I hope you guys like this new story. Please no hate. Please. I don't like it. Hehe.











Diana- Vampire (Good, Princess)

Jasmine- Vampire (Good, Queen)

Andy- Vampire (Good, King)

Lucy- Human (Good, Diana's adoptive Mother)

Mark- Human (Good, Diana's adoptive Father)

Harry- Vampire (Evil, Prince)

Louis- Vampire (Evil on Harry's side)

Liam- Vampire (Evil, on Harry's side)

Niall- Vampire (Evil, on Harry's side)

Zayn- Vampire (Evil, on Harry's side)




Name: Diana Lee Sun

Age: 16 Today

Family: Lucy Sun (Mum) and Mark Sun (Dad)

Friends: Aston, Addison, Madison, Lulu, Michelle and Bella


Hair: Long brown curly

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'8


Personality: Funny, sweet, cheeky, friendly, lovable, sensitive, outgoing and shy


Likes: Parents, having fun, shopping, be alone, friends and writing

Dislikes: Mean people, snobs and liars




I woke up. Today is my 16 birthday yay. Another year older. I got dressed and made my way downstairs.

"Happy birthday" my parents said. I squeal in excitement. I hugged them. They handed me presents. I got some amazing gifts. My parents are the best. They have been there for me. I am so lucky to have parents like them.

Later that day family and friends came around. I started to feel sick. "Di are you okay?" Aston asked. I nodded. "Yeah" I said and it went black.


Mark (Dad's) POV

Diana fainted. "Diana" Lucy said. We ran towards her. Oh no its starting. Her mark is starting to appear.

I picked Diana up and carried her to her bedroom where I laid her down. When she wakes up she needs to leave. Lucy cried in my chest. "Shh..." I whispered. I knew that Lucy didn't want to let Diana go. But we had to. We were interested by her parents. Her real ones to look after her until she is 16. She was the best thing that could happen to us. Lucy couldn't conceive we tried everything.


No one's POV

17/04/ 1997

Lucy was crying so hard when she couldn't conceive,. Mark and Lucy had been trying for months and nothing, so they went to the doctor and she told us that Lucy couldn't have kids. They decided to adopt a child. When they were about to leave a knock came at the door. Mark answered it. It was a young couple with a baby in there arms. They must have been 19 or in early 20's.

"Can I help you?" Mark asked.

"Can you look after our daughter please" The lady said.

"Im sorry we can't take you child" Mark said.

"What my Wife Jasmine is trying to say is our daughter is in a lot of danger and well we have to keep her safe please" the man said.

"Sweetie you just said we can't take someone else's child when we are going to the orphanage today" Lucy said.

Mark thought for a minutes.

"Can we know your names first?" Mark asked.

"I am Jasmine and this is my husband Andy" Jasmine said.

"Nice to meet you I am Mark and this is my wife Lucy" Mark said.

Jasmine smiled. She placed her daughter into Lucy's arms. She must have been about 4 weeks old.

"What is your daughters name?" Lucy asked.

"Diana" Andy said.

Jasmine took off her necklace and put it around Diana.

"On her 16th birthday she will find her destiny. Her destiny is to rule the kingdom but right now she is in danger" Jasmine whispered.

Jasmine and Andy told them who they really were. "Please look after our daughter. Thank you so much. After her 16th please bring her to the palace. I know it's too much to ask but we couldn't bare watching our daughter Diana get killed" Andy whispered.

Lucy and Mark nodded. Jasmine and Andy kissed Diana's forehead and left. Mark shut the door. "We got a child" Lucy said. Mark nodded. Lucy looked at the necklace.



This Is the Mark Of The Vampire Princess. On the day this will start to show. You will then be in so much danger. Please keep safe our little angel. Love mum and dad"


Lucy smiled at the note.


Lucy's POV

I smiled and remembering what happened that day. It was the best day of our lives. The next day was tough. We had to wait around. Diana woke up. "Mum and dad" Diana whispered.

"Here sweetheart" Mark said. Diana sat up. "We have something to tell you" I said.

Diana nodded. We told Diana everything. She stood up and took her top off. It's the marking on the necklace. "Your mother Jasmine put this around your neck when she brought you to us" I whispered and handed it to Diana.

Diana grabbed it and read the back. She had tears. "I have to leave" Diana said.

"Yes sweetheart. We hate the idea too but we promised your parents" Mark said.

Diana nodded and started to pack. We helped. Diana put another top on. I hugged Diana and cried. "I will miss you pumpkin" I said.

"Miss you too mum" Diana said. Mark tried to be a man but he broke down. "Come here sweetheart" Mark said. Diana walked into his arms.

"We love you don't ever forget that. And please come and visit" Mark said. "I will papa" Diana said.

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