Locking Doors

Ella is a 17 year old Brit. Her stepfather, Danny, abuses her every single day. She has straight jet black hair and grey eyes. One day she goes to the store to get Danny a beer and some crisps. She brought no money so she has to steal. While running away she meets a certain boy. Will love happen? Or will danger be waiting at every turn?


5. Meeting Him Again

Ella's P.O.V

He asked whats wrong? I said that it was nothing. "My name is Louis."  "I'm Ella." "Well Ella why are you out here?"  That is when I broke down. I just let the tears fall. He sat down beside me and very slowly hugged me. He didn't say anything for awhile. "I have nowhere to go." 


Louis P.O.V

"Yes you do!" I shouted out. She looked confused when I said that. "You can stay with me until your all better." I said a tad more quiet. She instantly freaked out and back up trying to hide. "It's okay I won't hurt you." I said soothingly. She slowly stood up and then let out a cry of pain and fell. I quickly helped her up and picked her up bridal-style. She started to protest but soon her eyelids drooped and her head rested against my chest.  I just stopped in the rain and looked at her. She was Beautiful. Not hot. Not sexy.She was beautiful. Even though her black her was tangled and wet it was still pretty. Her lightly tan skin was magnificent. I continued walking and opened the door to see 4/5 of One Direction. "Hey guys"I said casually. Without a word I walked up to my room and slowly set her down on my bed and tucked her in. "Goodnight Ella." I whispered softly.

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