Locking Doors

Ella is a 17 year old Brit. Her stepfather, Danny, abuses her every single day. She has straight jet black hair and grey eyes. One day she goes to the store to get Danny a beer and some crisps. She brought no money so she has to steal. While running away she meets a certain boy. Will love happen? Or will danger be waiting at every turn?


2. Getting the stuff

Ella's P.O.V

I woke up hearing my name. Ella they shouted countless times and I hurried towards the voice. Ella go get me a beer and some crisps!" "Can I get the money for it or..?" "Just go get it!" I rushed out the door quickly and started to walk down the sidewalk since the gas station was only 5 minutes away. I threw my hood up and walked over towards the beer section and grabbed two beers and then a bag of crisps and I stuffed them in my jacket I noticed from the corner of my eye a boy watching me. I ignored him and ran out of the gas station.


??? P.O.V


I saw her take two beers and a bag of crisps and shove them into her jacket. I was mesmerized by her long black hair. I started to walk after her when she broke into a ran. I sped up and grabbed a hold of her arm.  turned her around and she immediately faced the ground. I reached my hand out towards her face but she flinched so I put it down quickly. "What's your name, love?"

"E-Ella.." she said reluctantly.

"Nice to meet you Ella so might I ask, what are you doing with those beers and crisps?"She immediately tensed up and stuttered as if looking for the right words to cover it up. 

"It's for my stepfather." she said quietly. With that she whipped out of my grasp and left. 




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