Locking Doors

Ella is a 17 year old Brit. Her stepfather, Danny, abuses her every single day. She has straight jet black hair and grey eyes. One day she goes to the store to get Danny a beer and some crisps. She brought no money so she has to steal. While running away she meets a certain boy. Will love happen? Or will danger be waiting at every turn?


3. Getting Home

Ella's P.O.V


I shot out of his grasp and ran home. "Danny I got your beer and crisps." He just took them and I went upstairs. Two hours later he came thumping upstairs and thrust open the door. Without a word he picked me up and threw me onto his bed. I just sat there shocked not knowing what to do. He came closer and ripped off my shirt. I tried to stop him but he just wouldn't. He tore off my jeans and threw my undies and bra to the ground. While he was undressing I was able to at least grab a condom and put it on. He turned towards me and without hesitation thrust his manhood inside me deeply  and went back and forth for what felt like a lifetime.  He flipped me on top of him while shoving his rough tongue deep down into my throat. I gagged and tried to get away but he held me down thrusting every inch of him in me making me scream. After three hours he left me lying there broken, and torn. I grabbed what was left of my clothes and waited for ten minutes until I heard the loud snoring and I ran. 


??? P.O.V

I never got to see her face. She just ran. I decided to take a walk to clear my head. While I was walking I decided I should sit down maybe at a local park. I walked to the nearest one and I noticed someone lying there in the starting rain. I walked over to them to ask what was wrong. "Excuse me miss, what is wrong?" She just looked up at me with shining grey eyes. In those eyes I could see fear, and pain.


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