Locking Doors

Ella is a 17 year old Brit. Her stepfather, Danny, abuses her every single day. She has straight jet black hair and grey eyes. One day she goes to the store to get Danny a beer and some crisps. She brought no money so she has to steal. While running away she meets a certain boy. Will love happen? Or will danger be waiting at every turn?


1. Ella


Ella's P.O.V.


My breathing quickened rapidly as I heard the familiar thump of each footstep. I dreaded these moments. My thoughts were whipped away when the door flew open. "Ella!" "Yes Danny?" "Where have you been?!" He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up by it and slapped my against the face. Hard. I tried hard not to cry. I told myself not to cry or I will just get hurt more. He threw me down on the ground and kicked me in the stomach. Again and again and again. He slapped me. Again. Again. A kick. A punch. A slap. Then he just got up, spit on me, and left. I lay there bruised and scarred. I just lay there my dirty hair in tangles around my face, and my grey eyes dull. I got up slowly even though every bone in my body protested I knew I had chores to do. I swept the house, cleaned the dishes, and did his laundry. "Ella!" "Yes Danny?" "I told you not to touch my couch!" "Sorry Da-"

He kicked me in the stomach which caused to double over in pain. He was yelling at me calling me a slut,bitch,whore,loser,skank, and many other harsh words. I just lay on the ground almost lifeless waiting for it to all stop. To feel the touch of God's hand reaching out for me. Then it all stopped. He looked down at me in disgust and left. I lay there and wait for death. Although I knew it wasn't coming, I still waited for it...

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