Skylar and her four sisters and her three best friends are Greek goddesses who decided to move to earth,they now travel the world as a champion figure skating team.One day on a flight to a figure skating tournament they run into god hunters.The girslsfind themselves in really deep s***.A few fall in love and that makes life worse,will the girls be able to hide what they are.One direction not famous.


1. Pi

Skylars POV:
I was sitting in first class between my two best friends Luna,the moon goddess and sunny the sun goddess.My sisters Gaia the goddess of earth,fiona goddess of fire,and ocean the goddess of water were all sitting in front of us.My other best friend Darcy goddess of darkness and my other sister Erin the goddess of air were in front of them."I'm gonna go move to my seat" sunny said."me too" Luna said.A few quick things you should know goddesses all have pets that help us transport from one place to another and I'm the goddess of the sky.I was sitting alone when a group of five god and goddess hunters boarded the plane.I put my headphones on and started making some background music for our routine.The blonde goddess hunter and the one wearing the striped shirt sat on both sides of me.I started mixing battlefield by Jordan sparks and mad by Neyo on my laptop I quickly saved it to my flash drive and turned off my computer.The plane took off and I noticed the hunters closely examining my features,I had natural silvery blue hair and white eyes.I really hoped they wouldn't find out.I quickly hid my goddess features so now I had brown hair and green eyes.I sat back in my chair and went to sleep.i woke up and the plane was getting ready to land."here,call me some time beautiful" the one in the striped shirt said while handing me a paper with his number on it."ok" I said,I did think he was cute and so were all of his friends.I grabbed my stuff and met up with the girls."hey sky those guys were defenitly hunters" Gaia said."I know"
I said."come on guys we need to get to the hotel" Luna said.We rented a car and drove to the hotel.We checked in and went up to the pent house."hey you guys wanna go out to get some food" Darcy asked."sure" I said.We left the hotel and started looking for a place to get food
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