Hell Is My New Home *Trying To Escape Sequel*

It’s been two months since Riley made her choice. Anna is still hanging around, only for Riley though. Riley is trying to convince her to go home, to be with her family and Tristan. Things are still basically the same, except Lou and Riley have talked. They -mostly Riley- don't want to strangle each other in their sleep. Still, their not on good terms. There's some stuff Lou isn't telling her, though. Zayn is oblivious to Riley's relationship with Liam, but Riley likes it that way. She's scared if Zayn finds out he'll hurt Liam. Not that she thinks he can't look after himself, it's just that Zayn is considerably bigger than him, and they've been down that road before. She's afraid this time she won't be able to intervene, and he'll get seriously hurt. Riley's not ready to take that risk. Liam's the only one there for her. Also, Riley isn't exactly 'comfortable' letting Christopher grow up with the lads. But she can't live without Liam, so she stays. **READ TRYING TO ESCAPE FIRST**


10. One Hundred Sleepless Nights -Pierce The Veil



    I woke up a few hours later to Christopher kicking my boob. A groan escaped my mouth and I picked the flailing boy up, placing him under the sheets a few inches away from me.


    I was about to fall back asleep when I noticed a blue Tiffany box on the pillow next to me with a note addressed to me attached to it.


    Dear Riley,

    I know your asleep, but I just can't hold this in any longer. I didn't have the heart to wake you after what you've been through. All those sleepless night really add up, so I decided to let you sleep. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I guess what I really wanted to tell you was, I love you. I love you so much, and I could never in a million years imagine life without you. You're my other half, my missing puzzle piece, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, what I'm trying to say is, will you marry me?

xx Liam


I had tears streaming down my face. Of course. Of course I would marry him. I opened the box and slipped the ring on my finger.


    It was a simple ring. Silver with a diamond in the middle, but it was more than I could ever ask for. On the inside the word forever was engraved into it. Oh, Liam.


    I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs where the boys were playing Fifa. Liam looked at me expectantly, eying my ring finger.


    I nodded, tears streaming down my face.


    "Yes. Yes, I will," I said.


    He jumped up and kissed me as hard as he could. "good, because I love you."







Please don't hate me for the shit ending! I'm going to be starting a new fanfic called "Tomorrow", and it's going to be a 5sos fanfic. Uhm, I love you all! Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long! You guys are amazing! In my fanfic if you want to be Luke, Ashton or Calum's girlfirend as well as the main characters best friend (I'll be picking one or two) please comment below and I'll see what I can do.

xx Charlie

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