Hell Is My New Home *Trying To Escape Sequel*

It’s been two months since Riley made her choice. Anna is still hanging around, only for Riley though. Riley is trying to convince her to go home, to be with her family and Tristan. Things are still basically the same, except Lou and Riley have talked. They -mostly Riley- don't want to strangle each other in their sleep. Still, their not on good terms. There's some stuff Lou isn't telling her, though. Zayn is oblivious to Riley's relationship with Liam, but Riley likes it that way. She's scared if Zayn finds out he'll hurt Liam. Not that she thinks he can't look after himself, it's just that Zayn is considerably bigger than him, and they've been down that road before. She's afraid this time she won't be able to intervene, and he'll get seriously hurt. Riley's not ready to take that risk. Liam's the only one there for her. Also, Riley isn't exactly 'comfortable' letting Christopher grow up with the lads. But she can't live without Liam, so she stays. **READ TRYING TO ESCAPE FIRST**


3. Kryptonite -3 Doors Down




        Okay, I have to say this before I forget, and before she chops my head off! ALL CREDIT FOR THE TITLE GOES TO @Niallsbabygirl0912 IT WAS ALL HER IDEA! I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TITLE! Well, except fot the *Trying To Escape Sequel* part. But, other than that it was ALL HER IDEA!



    The sound of crying drifted through my ear drums, and arose me from my slumber. I looked over to my right and saw Liam holding a crying Christopher, bouncing him up and down, trying to calm him. "Want me to take him? He probably hungry anyway." Liam handed me Christopher, and I began to feed him. "What do you want to do today?" I asked Liam.


    "Cook dinner." I gave him a confused look, that said 'what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about'. "It's seven o'clock." He said, answering my unasked question. I nodded, and finished what I was doing. Once Christopher had been fed we walked downstairs, just to be greeted by all the boys. Yay... Hint, hint, I'm being sarcastic. Allow me to enlighten you. Lou and I: we're okay, but I'm still not his biggest fan. Harry and I: I wouldn't mind beating the shit out of that little fucker. then, cut his balls off. You see, he still hasn't apologized for you know... erm... raping Anna... So yes, I would quite enjoy beating the fuck out of him... again.... But then, I promise, we'll be even. Niall and I: same goes for him as it does for Harry. Zayn and I: I don't exactly 'hate' him because he's pretty much given me my space, and even though he did, um... rape me; he did apologize, and he also gave me Christopher, but um, yeah I prefer Liam over them all. And finially Anna and I: what can I say? She's basically my sister. Always has been. She's stayed around -just for me, mind you- and for that I love her. So yeah, I suppose we could call it a draw. Anna and Liam for the win!


    When we got into the kitchen, Christopher started leaning towards Liam, implying he would rather have Liam hold him. Liam took him out of my arms, and kissed his forehead. I walked over to the pantry and took out a box of cereal. Then, walked over to the cabenit and grabbed a bowl. And then, I walked over to the drawer and grabbed a spoon. Lastly, I walked over yo the fridge and grabbed the milk. I made a bowl of cereal, and began eating it. "I want some!" Lou whined. A smirk glued itself to my lips. "You want some?" I asked deviously. He nodded, what I'm guess was a million miles a minute. "Okay, here." I got a spoonful of cereal, and catapulted it at his face, hitting him spot on. Everyone was now laughing there asses off.


    One - Riley, zero - Lou.


    "Oh, you did not just do that?" Lou sassed. I only smirked and nodded. He ran over me, and grabbed me by the waist; carryied me over the couch, and straddled me. The smug look on his face was unnerving. As was his position on me. I closed my eyes awaiting thr worst, but it never came. The only thing I got was merciless tickling. I started scream and screaming, and was almost one hundred percent positive; if this kept up my ass would fall off.


    "Lou. Lou!" I said in between laughs. "I give! Stop!" I screamed, but he didn't let up. By now all the boys were surrounding us. Laughing their asses off as well. Christipher soon started crying do to the noise, though. And as soon as he did, my 'mom reflexes' kicked in. I imediately pushed Lou off me, and I was by Christopher's side in seconds. So you could say I was a bit over-protective. Well, I'll tell you something: if you lived with these assholes you would be too.


    A groan came from the floor. Lou was laying there with a bloody nose, and a bruising eye. I gave him an apologetic look, which was returned with a death glare. Geez, what got up his ass. Liam kissed Christopher on the forehead, and began lightly bouncing him to calm him down. To my surprise, though, it worked. Almost instantly.


    Part of me wanted to apologize to Lou, but the other part said he deserved it. And quite frankly I believed that part. I just ignored Lou, and walked back upstairs with, Zayn...? Hot on my tail. Um, okay? I turned the corner into my room, and Zayn followed. Uh oh, this can't be ood.


    "What do you want 'Bad Boy'?" I asked, not in the mood. With Lou's bipolar attitude and my lack of sleep, the last thing I need was another person to get on my nerves. I went and lied down on my bed, and Zayn followed close behind, not asying a word. "Zayn, I asked what you wanted, because if it;s nothing; I will kindly ask you to fuck the hell off. I mean really. I haven't gotten more than a few hours of good sleep in the last three-ish months, and then when you add Louis' bipolar attitude to the mix; I'm ready to crack some heads."


    "Whoa, whoa. Calm down, doll. I just want to know what's going on with you and Liam." That's it? you just get straight to the point? I guess that's better than dragging the question out.


    Unblushingly, I said, "nothing. He's just been helping me take care of Christopher. No biggie." I know it was a lie, but I've gotten so used to them not even an ounce of guilt washed over me. Bad? Maybe. But, what am I supposed to say? 'Oh yeah, uh, I'm not supoosed to tell you this, but I love him and, uh, he's better at taking car of a child than you'll ever be. So, uh, yeah. No hard feelings.' Well, news flash, honey. Ain't no way in hell I'm sayin' that to him now! So, you can just take you white trash ass, and run bitch run! Unless you didn't expect me to say that. Then, yay! I love you! I would suggest shopping, or manicures, or something girly like that, but truth is, I would walk out of that shopping center just as fast as I walked in, because I'm, uh, allergic.... to malls...? Yeah, that's right! I'm allergic to malls. And as for manicures, I pick the nail polish of just as fast as it was put on my fingers.


    "You mean my son?" I nodded, and shrugged. Honestly, I didn't see what was so bad about that. "Have you ever thought maybe I wanted to be around him? I mean he is my son after all!" He yelled.


    "I wasn't trying to! But you've never shown any intrest, so I let it go," He opened his mouth to cut me off, "no, Zayn! He's downstairs, and you're up here! And I'm not going to argue with you! So you can either go down stairs and be with him, or you can sty here and watch me sleep! I would suggest the first one, though, because the second one probably won't be in your best intrest!" He chose the fisrt one, and left. Smart boy.


    I got snuggled under the duvet, and drifted off into a deep, deamless sleep. God, it's been an eventful day.




    Was this a short chapter? If it was, sorry. And as far as typo's go; I'm sorry, my trainer, Matt, had me at the gym for three and a half hours doing drills and such. And he worked me ten times harder than usual 'cause of my broken wrist. So instead of just boxing I had to do, like, 150 crunches 100 push-ups and he made me run 4 miles on the treadmil. Then, after that, kicking drills 'cause like I said my wrist was broken, so I did twice as much kick-boxing do to my inatbility to punch with my right. And to finish it of we did weights, but only with my left arm. So, yeah, I feel like I'm going to pass out because prior to boxing I had a track meet and volleyball practice, as well as basketball practice. So, yeah, sorry if it's short and sorry for any typo's!

~Charlotte xx

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