Hell Is My New Home *Trying To Escape Sequel*

It’s been two months since Riley made her choice. Anna is still hanging around, only for Riley though. Riley is trying to convince her to go home, to be with her family and Tristan. Things are still basically the same, except Lou and Riley have talked. They -mostly Riley- don't want to strangle each other in their sleep. Still, their not on good terms. There's some stuff Lou isn't telling her, though. Zayn is oblivious to Riley's relationship with Liam, but Riley likes it that way. She's scared if Zayn finds out he'll hurt Liam. Not that she thinks he can't look after himself, it's just that Zayn is considerably bigger than him, and they've been down that road before. She's afraid this time she won't be able to intervene, and he'll get seriously hurt. Riley's not ready to take that risk. Liam's the only one there for her. Also, Riley isn't exactly 'comfortable' letting Christopher grow up with the lads. But she can't live without Liam, so she stays. **READ TRYING TO ESCAPE FIRST**


8. I'm Just A Kid -Simple Plan





    As soon as Paul left I collapsed on the floor and cried. No not cried, I bawled. Liam had carried me up stairs and lied me on the bed, which is where I've been for the past four days. I haven't moved, I haven't eaten, and I haven't talked to anyone. Now I know what you're thinking, what kind of mother are you moping around like that?! Well I'll tell you what, there's this thing called birth depression and I've tried so hard not to let it get to me because I knew I was alone. Hell, Zayn's getting drunk along with Lou, Niall, and Harry, leaving me with Liam, and although I trust him so much I can't just dump my kid on him for a week and sleep. It isn't right. And now that he's gone I can't hold myself together anymore. All week I've laid here staring at the ceiling. The  boys come in occasionally, asking how I'm doing and whatnot, but I never answer. I don't even acknowledge their presense half the time. I have, however, let Liam in. Let him come in here to sleep and stuff, we just don't talk.


    Liam walked in, dark circles and bags resting under his eyes. After everything happened I never get any sleep. It's all nightmares, and Liam stays awake all night trying to calm me down."We, the boys and I, know how to get him back without Paul knowing," Liam mumbled, clearly sleep deprived.


    As soon as the words left his mouth I jumped up, changed into some clean pants, and tackled him to the ground in a bone crushing hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..." I kept mumbling over and over.


    "Can't. Breathe," he gasped, and I quickly jumped up. I uttered an apology.


    We walked downstairs, his arm around my waiste.


    "It's alive!" Louis screached throwing his hands in the air. "Hallelujah!" I resisted the urge to kick him in the groin. Instead, I just plopped down on his lap, hoping to get some reaction out of him. And of course, I did. He graoned and pushed me off to the side. "The hell was that for?!"


     "For being an ass. Now, whats the plan because if y'all don't have one I'm going back upstairs without a word."


    They all looked at each other. "Okay here's the plan," Harry started.




I'm sorry this is so short and shitty, but I don't even know what to write! I need a new co-author, but this damned website won't let me add anymore! I'm probably gonna end this soon, then move everything over to wattpad because it's more organized. But, uhm, I guess what I'm saying is if you have anything you want added to this book, or if you have any idea on how to finish it, even if it's just as small as an idea for the next chapter PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE kik me @/longgone27 it would mean so much considering I have nothing else to contribute to this book... I'm sorry..


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