Hell Is My New Home *Trying To Escape Sequel*

It’s been two months since Riley made her choice. Anna is still hanging around, only for Riley though. Riley is trying to convince her to go home, to be with her family and Tristan. Things are still basically the same, except Lou and Riley have talked. They -mostly Riley- don't want to strangle each other in their sleep. Still, their not on good terms. There's some stuff Lou isn't telling her, though. Zayn is oblivious to Riley's relationship with Liam, but Riley likes it that way. She's scared if Zayn finds out he'll hurt Liam. Not that she thinks he can't look after himself, it's just that Zayn is considerably bigger than him, and they've been down that road before. She's afraid this time she won't be able to intervene, and he'll get seriously hurt. Riley's not ready to take that risk. Liam's the only one there for her. Also, Riley isn't exactly 'comfortable' letting Christopher grow up with the lads. But she can't live without Liam, so she stays. **READ TRYING TO ESCAPE FIRST**


2. Disturbia -Rihanna




    The next morning I woke up, still engulfed in Liam's firm hold. A small smile danced onto my lips, as I watched Liam sleep. He looked so peaceful, except for the fact he had a death grip on my waist. His face was relaxed, and he looked like he didn't have a care in the world. Every once in a while, his eyelashes would flutter, or his nose would twitch, like he was dreaming. The little things made me love him even more. I slowly drunk in his features, making sure I didn't miss anything.


    Something caught my attention, though. He was mumbling in his sleep. The words came out in a jumble, but I was able to make them out. He said, "Please don't go, Riley. Not with him. Please, I love you." Then one after another, tears started streaming down his perfect face. I took this as the right time to wake him up. My head dipped down, connecting my lips with his, but it didn't last long. Slowly but surely my lips started exploring the rest of his face, kissing away the tears. They didn't stop, though. Just continued to flow freely. I couldn't stand seeing him in pain any longer. Seeing him hurting, hurt me and I didn't like it. I started shaking him, and didn't stop 'til he awoke.


    His eye's shot open, and his grip instantly tightened around my waist, as if he was afraid I would leave him. "You talk in your sleep, y'know." I whispered against his lips. Almost immediately after the words left my mouth, the color drained from his face.


    "W-What do I say?" He asked trying to keep his breathing steady, failing miserably do to the fact panic and and fear had overpowered every other emotion.


    "Well, I've never heard you before this morning, so, I don't actually think it's a recurring thing," I started, and his face relaxed a bit. Then, I answered the question that had been playing on his mind for the last few minutes. "But, what you did say was, 'Please don't go, Riley. Not with him. Please, I love you.'" The tears reappeared in his eyes, threatening to spill over. I guess he remembers. "Want to talk about it?" I asked hoping he would.


    He nodded. "He was there, and we were watching a movie. All of a sudden he grabbed you, and told you, you had to make your decision. He said that if you chose him, he would take you away and protect you. Never let anything happen." He began, trying profusely to remember. "Uh, it's kind of a blur after that, but I remember a little. You sat there contemplating your decision. Once you had finally made up your mind you got up and went over to him, telling him he was who you choose." I knew exactly who Liam was talking about, but what did it mean. "You told me that you loved him more. Then, I said what you just said, and you left me." he whispered tears already spilling over.


    "Hey, hey, sh. I've already made my choice. You're my choice, and I wouldn't want it any other way. You and Christopher all my world, and I wouldn't even dream of having it any other way. I love you so, so much. So much, I don't even consider him an option. Only you. It will always be you, okay?" He nodded, and I burried my head in his chest. "I love you. More than you could ever imagine." I whispered in his ear. "Forever and always. You're my rock. I've contemplated suicide, and I've contemplated cutting, but you would always wonder your way into my mind and I would forget all bout my problems. When I found out I was pregnant my urge was worse than ever. I wanted to end it. But, you were there for me, and because of that; I never acted on it. Because of you. You've kept me sane. Showed me that there is always light in the dark. And for that I couldn't be more grateful." I kissed him, long and passionately. Then, once again, fell asleep in his arms.




    "Riles. Riles, wake up," someone whispered shout in my ear, while shaking me. It wasn't Liam, though. I moaned, trying to manover in Liam's arms without waking him up. I was almost fully turned over, when Liam's arms tighened around my waist. I froze for a second, waiting for him to completely fall asleep again. Once I was sure he was asleep, I continued turning over, so I could see who was in here. I was now on my side, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.


    I blinked a few times before fully opening my eyes, revealing Louis. "What?" I groaned. Why was he in here? Couldn't he see I was sleeping. What could be so important? He took a while to answer, so I attempted to go back to sleep. I was almost there, when he decided to answer the question.


    "Christopher's hungry." Of course. Of course he is. Well, sleep was good while it lasted. And the best part is.... Wait for it.... Drumroll please.... Since he's only two months.... I have to breast feed him! Yay! Note the sarcasm.


    Well, because I was half asleep, I had no idea what I was saying. "Can't you do it?" It came out more as a groan, and didn't exactly follow up on what he just said, but he understood. In an matter of seconds he was on the floor laughing his ass off. "Shut up, Lou. I'm tired. Just feed him, and leave me alone." I moaned once again rolling over, so I was back in Liam arms; my head burried in his chest. I was almost asleep drowning out the howls of Lou's amusement, when a deafening wail traveled down the hall ,and into mine and Liam's room.


    I was thoroughly bewildered at Liam's ability to sleep through this maddening charade. But, he somehow managed.


    With a groan, I carefully departed the warm confines of Liam's strong hold, and trudged into Lou's room, where Christopher lay, kicking and screaming, flailing is arms about. I had just noticed Lou standing in the doorway, a smug grin resting on his lips. "You can leave whenever y'know." I sassed.


    "It's my room hun." Lou retorted. I sighed, and groaned before stomping off, Christopher safely concealed in my arms.


    Upon arriving in my room, Liam rolled over, eye's wide and full of worry. "Where were you?" He panicked. I walked over to the bed and sat down with a still crying Christopher in my arms.


    "Well, because Lou is incapable of feeding an infant, I had to go get him," I started motioning toward Christopher." And, well, here I am!" I finished all cheery like. "But, I, um, kinda have to, um, yeah...." I trailed off, not really wanting to explain. He nodded, but stayed where he was. I opened my mouth in protest, but before I could say anything, Christophers wails got -if possible- louder. Oh, fuck it. I thought, and started to, you know.


    While I was feeding Christopher, I couldn't help but notice how much he looked like Zayn. His eyes. His Hair. His facial features. His lips. He did, however, have my eyes: grey. He kind of reminded me of Kellin Quinn; of Sleeping With Sirens. Except with grey eyes. I know, weird. He's only two months, yet I'm comparing him to a celebrity.


    Once I finished, Christoper fell asleep in my arms. He was drooling, and it as dripping down my chest, leaving a spit trail. Ew. I laid down beside Liam; with Christopher still sound asleep on my chest. Liam carefully grabbed Christopher, and placed him in betweeen us. He then, wrapped one arm around me and one around Christopher before allowing me to drift off to sleep beside him.





Wow, they sleep a lot. Well anyway, Riley's starting to trust Louis again. Please tell me what you think! If you do I'll love you forever! I really, really want feedback! It makes me want to write more when people give my suggestions, or critisize my writing, whether it be negitive or positive! Sorry if I sound desperate, but I really am! Also, I have a question: what is currently your favorite song? Mine is either Knives and Pens -Black Veil Brides or King for A Day -Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn. Sorry it took so long to update!


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