Fall Into my Arms Instead.

Ella runs away from her torturous home.She leaves,she flees the bad and decides to run off to the wild.But she didn't make it to the wild!Someone very handsome caught her off by surprise and helped her run her mouth and explain.From there the story goes.


1. Running Away.

Ella's P.O.V


"Ella,get your ass over here NOW!"my abusive step-dad yelled from his room.He always took advantage of me when my mom wasn't here.I gulped loudly and stood from my desk chair.

I got to his room and i saw him only in boxers.I chocked on my saliva,but silently."get on the bed!"he said.I felt those tears forming and i didn't even wipe off the makeup i had on."ok"i replied terrified and knowing already what was going to happen.

Luckily,i had pepper spray on my back pocket.He fell on top of me and started to rip my tank top.I let the tears stream and i was scared."yes,now you be a good girl and we can get this over with"he whispered on my face.His nose was touching my cheek and his mouth was kissing my chin bone.

I was so tense and scared that i had forgotten about the pepper spray.So to have some time to take it out,i shoved him off me and got the bat that lye next to me.Next thing i knew was that he was covering his body."this was your last time demon"i sobbed through the tears.

I quickly took out the pepper spray from my back pocket and hid it in my fists."your not strong enough,don't even try"he tried challenging me.He got back on his feet and started walking towards me.I luckily lifted my arm up and pepper sprayed him fast.

He fell on the floor and started wiping his eyes.I went over him,got my tank top and went running downstairs.My mascara and eye liner were all over my face,i could tell.When i got to the living room.I quickly looked back and thought of what i could take for a big decision.

I ended up bringing a knife,my yellow beanie,and some apples."Your not leaving!"suddenly i heard my step dad yell,i could hear his footsteps.I turned around and went running to the door."yes i am"i breathed out.I was way faster than Karl.[step-dad].

The fact that his weight held his energy,so i had a big chance right now.As i went outside,the rain fell and it was severe.I started to run faster than my normal pace."come back here you little BI-!"all of a sudden his yell stopped.I turned around and saw him lying on the street,dead.

I covered my mouth and kept running.Now there was no way in going back home.After a while of running,i finally started walking.He was never going to catch me after his death.My mom would just kill me if i did go back.

As i thought of that,i suddenly felt a big bone hit my shoulder.I looked up and saw a teen boy,probably around my age,holding an umbrella and he had curly hair."sorry"i whispered and just walked past him.

I tried to leave but i felt a hand hold me back."hey,are you lost?"he asked me.I looked straight into the dark eyes i could barely see."no"i replied shaking from the cold."are you sure?You look like you've been walking and crying a lot."he said.He was right,at this very moment,i needed the most help i could get.

"ugh"i sighed."your right,i just ran away from my house and things happened and i don't really want to talk about it"i nervously said."well then why didn't you say something?Imagine if i let you go,you probably wouldn't be so good".I smiled but he didn't see it.

"yeah,im sorry"i apologized.Finally!im free!



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