Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


7. Chapter 7

My body was suddenly awoken by a sharp pain in my side. Glancing around my surroundings, I saw my wooden floor scarcely close to my forehead.  Also, my white duvet beside my hair. I had fallen off my bed which woke me. Using my arms to pick my self up the pain in my side grew larger. I suspected I landed on it after my travel to the floor. I sat there, my knees tucked underneath my legs. Everything that occurred last night came flooding back to me. I wasn't terrified of Harry, I was just unable to trust him. I have already faced some trust issues in the past but reading what I did, it only became worse. I couldn't push out the thought of what Harry was capable of. The feeling of depression hovered over me like a storm cloud. Softly, I laid myself on my back. My orbs drifted to my tan ceiling, inspecting all the tiny cracks scattered above me. It seemed like the only thing I could focus on. My will power to hop out of bed and do some proactive was surely limited. There was no way I was going to propel myself from my warm and comforting hiding place. So that's exactly what I did. I remained in my spot, not sleeping nor thinking. Only laying there speechless and empty.. 

                                           Harry's POV

 I should have known this was going to happen. I just had to go to the club that night. I blamed myself for everything I was putting Hope through. The anger I felt was indescribable the fury burning in the pit of my torso. My hands covered in dusty red gloves pounded against my boxing bag. Multiple blows, left and right occurred leaving sounds of almost thunder roaring in my flat. Ruling out the beating of other strangers, this was the only way to clam my self. Stopping to take a breath, my mind started to wonder. Why was I getting so worked up over someone I really didn't know that well anyway? I could get any women I wanted. However, in the back of my mind I was fighting the thought of I didn't want any other women. I wanted Hope and only Hope. I removed my gloves and poured cold water down my burning throat. The feeling of the trickling water somewhat calmed me. I pulled my trousers down my legs letting them slip to my feet. Hoisting my shirt over the head, my curls flung to the side. My sweat drenched my long ringlets drooping over my face. Pushing them back with a white towel, I soaked up all my perspiration continuing to rub it over my chest and lower torso. Walking to my room I throw the towel to my washing bin and stripped myself of my boxers. I tilted the shower knob left turning on the warm water that slid down my backside. After my shower I slid on a clean pair of Calvin Klein boxers and threw on some black trousers. Completing my outfit I choose a jumper to keep me warm. Grabbing my keys I skipped out my door and jumped into my car. In the shower, I kept thinking about her. No matter what I tried to do she was still there. So I decided to do what I always do when I need to stop thinking. I'm went clubbing.

My car pulled up to the scene as I casually walked out. I strolled over to the bouncer, who nodded giving me the sign I was allowed to go in. Stepping through the threshold I picked up a scent of beer, vodka, sweat, and females. My orbs immediately went straight to the booze. I passed women who reeked of alcohol. One stared at me while the other one continued dancing. I didn't pay too much attention to her. After a couple of shots, I made my way to the dance floor. Instantly, I had women grinding up against me. I didn't fight it and just danced to the music. Everything else became a daze. I didn't think, just watched the way the girls swung their hips. The DJ turned the sound louder as we all moved our bodies along. One girl, had been watching me for quite a while though. The same one I caught a glimpse of earlier. She strutted her way to me pulling her body close to mine.

"How bout you and I get out of her huh?" He winked while sliding her hands lower, down my sides. She tugged me to a back room where the lights where dim and it smelled funny, but I was used to it. She slammed the door shut and pounced onto me. Her lips meeting mine she forcefully mashed her face into me. She backed me up shoving me onto the bed. None of this seemed right. What the fuck was I doing?

"NO!" I screamed pushing her body of mine. "This is not right, I can't do this. You seem like a nice women but I have to go."  She kept her eyes on me stunned that I had denied her free sex. I ran out of the club skidding to a stop and hauling my self into my car. I stormed over to Hope's. Nothing was holding me back. I counted the flats as I drove by making sure to stop at the right one. When I finally reached her home I threw open my car door. Not even bothering to shut it I raced up her steps and crashed to a stop. What if she didn't want to see me? Would I be making a fool of my self coming here? My thoughts were cut short when her front door swung open. My face froze and my stomach gained what could have been a million butterflies. I couldn't read her reaction as we stared at each other. No one said a word. She looked me up and down before she dropped her keys. As I desperately looked into her orbs, they began to swell up with tears. Surprising me, her tiny body clashed with mine. Her long brown hair was tangled in my hands as I caressed her head while she flung her chin into the crook of my neck. I felt her tears drop onto my skin. I began to stroke her locks as my body was lifted with the feeling of relief.

"I'm so happy you're here." She wimply whispered into my neck.

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