Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


6. Chapter 6

The next thing I knew was waking up wrapped in my duvet. I sat up and lazily peered around. I guessed it was about around the time of noon. I had a slight heart attack only for me to realize it was Saturday and I didn't have work. I laid there for the next hour, only thinking of my night last night with harry. I mean I didn't know much about the guy, but I felt like I had this sort of special connection with him. I may have felt like I knew everything about him, but I knew that our relationship wasn't going to end here. So I popped out of bed and sluggishly rolled over to my lap top. Plucking it up I walked over to my living room, falling on the sofa. Flipping the screen open I typed "Harry Styles" Into the web. To my surprise, nothing really came up. About 4 links showed information of the guy. I clicked the first one but had no luck when it just told me where he lived. These were the things I already knew. However, the last link I clicked on was a success. It presented info from a previous job application he had sent in. Reading it out loud, I repeated
"Eye color is green, hair color is brown, height is 5'11, his weight is around 160 pounds.." I continued on with boring facts about him. Nothing popped out to me until I scrolled down. My eyes landed immediately on the words. "Has showed previous behaviorally issues involving violence." My mouth dropping agape. It only got worse. "Has been pressed with assault charges.." I covered my mouth with my limp hand. I was in awe at the things I was reading. He only really got in fights outside or in clubs, leaving me to believe he was somewhat drunk. But there was images along with it. The man harry faced was beaten to a pulp. I couldn't even tell if he was alive or not. My heart stopped, I raced up and down searching for what I dreaded most. Thankfully, I found no evidence of sexual assault or any kind of harm towards women, giving me slight relief. I slowly closed my lap top stunned. I let this, high tempered man into my house and wasn't aware of the things he has done. I was scared and couldn't stop thinking about what he might have been able to do to me if I ever angered him that much. I wondered if he would ever hit me.  Just this thought in general gave me no pleasure in going to his flat nor having harry in mine.

I repeatedly gained texts from the large male throughout the day. I ignored each and every one of them. I honestly didn't know what to say. I found my self almost a little frightened by him. The last text I opened read:
"Are you ignoring me? .x" I stared at it for several minutes only to close it and decide not to reply. I almost wish I didn't research him. Although I gained all this other background information of him, my thought of him was tainted by his scary past. I didn't want to end up like the man in that photo.

It was now around 6ish and I decided to make homemade soup and relax watching television. I hadn't received any other texts from harry leaving me a little curious of what he might be up to but not much. Right as I placed my bum on my duvet I had carried of out my bedroom and draped over my sofa, there was a rough knock on my door. Startled, I set down my bowl and tip toed over to it. Unlocking the locks, I opened it and peered into the chest of a male. Tilting my head up I got a sight of Harry's eyes. The didn't seem happy.

"Why the hell have you been ignoring me all day?" He stated bluntly.

"I don't know, maybe I didn't feel like chatting with you." Holding my ground.

"Let me in." He demanded before trying to push passed me.

"No." I boldly said trying to prevent him from coming in. He looked stunned. Almost as if he thought I wouldn't have been able to stand up to him like that.

"Why the fuck not." He half shouted as he angrily gripped my forearm.

"Harry, let go of me. I know about the bar fights. I don't feel conformable having you in my flat knowing you've almost killed somebody."

"Are you fucking kidding me?! I was drunk, and I had no idea of what I was doing. Plus it has only happened like 3 times. The guy was a dick anyway, deserved to have the shit beat out of him." He said still not removing his grip of my arm.

"Let go of me now, and go away." I said unable to make eye contact. He released his hold of me but as I started to shut the door he barged his way through with his shoulder. My body was forced up against the wall, with his body pressing to mine. I could feel his heavy breathing against my upper body. He leaned close to my ear.

"I would never lay a hand on your pretty head. I don't hurt women." I mean, I couldn't argue. He didn't show any violence towards them. Well at least I didn't read anything about it. Harry almost had this sincere tone to his voice when he said that. It made me believe he would never hurt me. But still, I sat there in silence trying to contain the tears I felt trying to burst through my eyes. Once harry understood my lack of reply he backed away. The twinkle in his orbs were gone. All that I could see was sadness with a hint of anger. I lowered my head and stared at the floor still feeling his gaze upon me. I couldn't bare to meet eyes with him. Stepping towards me, he placed a kiss filled with melancholy to my forehead. I didn't move the slightest bit. As he stepped backwards he cupped my chin.

"Please.... Please don't give up on me." I just turned my head to the side letting the tears go. Before I knew it he was gone. Out of my flat and approaching his car. He didn't have his normal stride to his car. This time it was slow and simply. I couldn't even watch him drive off. I had to slam the door. I rolled onto my bed, crying. I cried more than I ever had. Finally the stream of tears stopped as I just laid there, not even thinking just laying. My phone beneath me buzzed. I wiped my eyes before reading the message from Harry.

"I need you. Just know that, I need you Hope. .x"

Closing my eyes, my phone slipped from my hand making a thump as it hit the ground. I drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep.


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