Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


5. Chapter 5

A rush of air came towards me as my legs were picked up and pushed into the torso of the male figure hovering over me. I tightened my legs as he held me around his waist. Hanging on to him like a child needs it's mother, I draped my hands around his cold neck yanking. He nuzzled his chin into my neck, making me laugh. The light was still off but I could tell who he was. Playfully but controlling he held me hoisted around him. Leaning into my ear, his tongue grazed my lobe placing soft nibbles from here to there. Whispering, he softly said "I think you know who this is huh?" I responded with

"Of course I did. You're the only person I could think of that would break into my flat."

Skimming my hand across the wall, my finger tips glided over the light switch. Flicking it on I was deeply staring into Harry's green orbs. His eyes sparkled and gleamed with a hint of mysteriousness. It seemed as though he wasn't looking at me, but within me. I smiled, tapping my index finger on his nose softly. I giggled as he crossed his eyes and than began to twitch his face. Not with much thought I pressed my lips to his. Giving him the most passionate kiss I could muster. He leaned back with a smile on his face.

"What was that for?" He asked winking at my shy flustered face.

"I don't know...I..I..I" I stuttered trying to make an excuse other than how happy I was to see him. Smiling, he showed off his prominent dimples I was so desperately fond of.  I got lost in his cheeky skin until he threw me up in the air and tugged me over his left shoulder. I thrashed my legs up and down with screaming slightly.

"I quite fancy the view of your bum from here." He cheekingly spoke. Throwing me on my sofa he backed up smiling at me but only lifting one side of his mouth.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" I spoke with a flirty tone.

"You just looked very fit laying down like that." He winked before he turned away. I was confused he had me already on my back laying down, then he just walks away? I propped myself on my elbows.

"Where are you going Harry?" I asked confused and desperate.

"I've decided to make you dinner. Well, I'll try at least." Watching him fumble around my kitchen for about an hour and a half, directing him to wear my food and utensils were. He had finished and walked over to me placing the food on the coffee table.

"Ta da!" He said with a big grin on his face. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked so childish and young.

"Looks great." I winked playfully. He sat down beside me and we ate dinner together, talking and laughing.

"So where do you live?" I curiously wondered.

"My flat is about 7 blocks from yours. I'll take you there sometime." He whispered. 

"And your job?" Continuing on with questions to find out more about him.

"I've dabbled in a few things but I work for a construction company. I have for about 2 years now. I used to work for Nike." Lifting up his legs to show off his clean Nike shoes. Acting impressed I tugged my shirt down reveling my Nike sports bra I was wearing.

"I admit that's cute but I'd rather see you without it." Sliding closer to me. Pulling my shirt off, he leaned me down with one strong hand. I laid on my back as he trailed my stomach with his fingers. He poked my belly button making me giggle. But that was short lived as I felt his warm place along my skin. He left trailed kisses along my stomach. Lower and lower. He stopped at the seem of my sweat pants making me fig it in my place. He pops up with the cutest look on my face.

"Stay at my flat tonight?" He pronounces with happiness. I didn't know much about Harry, making me skeptical of staying at his place. I slid up brushing my hand against his chin ( which was obviously not shaved the night before)

"I'm tired Harry, I don't feel like tonight is the best night." He seemed disappointed but not much.

"Well just know the offers stands." Slyly stating. We talked for a few more minutes before he got up and strolled to my front door. Looking down at me he smiled.

"God, I can't wait to take you to my flat." He riskily said with placing one of his large hands down my pants making me jump. I pushed his huge fingers away from my crotch as he winked.

"We'll have so much fun." And that was the last of the talking. He slipped a long kiss to my forehead before retreating from my home. Watching him get into his car I couldn't help but be weak at the knees. The things Harry could do to me.

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