Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


4. Chapter 4

 The bright sun streaks blazed across my light skin. I was sprawled out upon my sofa, drowsy and tired. I rolled on to my side and huddled in a ball. The lack of a body next to me left me curious. Popping my head up and peering around I was alone. In my some what empty living room. My flat was silent, almost the kind of quiet that doesn't seem right.I propelled myself forward lazily slipping away from my comfortable position. I expected to see the masculine boy in my room, looking through my knickers once again maybe. I was wrong though. He wasn't in my room or the lou. I was almost angry but I could tell sadness was taking over. He was caring and careful with me last night, but with a hint of roughness and being in charge, then he just leaves? Without a warning or anything? I guess I should have known, I was being fooled by a guy who wanted to just take women home and have his way with them. After it all, he would just leave, not caring if he ever saw them again. 

All these images and thoughts rushed through my head as I paced my hallway. I decided to let it go and focus on what I was going to do today. Skipping down to my kitchen I passed my front door. On the fringe of the door it was colored differently than the rest. As I walked towards it to get a closer look, I realized it was a thin piece of paper pinned to my door. It read: "Good morning gorgeous  I had to leave for a bit for work, but don"t worry I got a good look at your knickers before I left. Still really fancy those blue ones. Wear them for me tomorrow. ;) .x Harry" 

I felt butterflies rush through my inner. He had this mysteriousness to himself that always left me wondering.Although I got excitement and happiness from this note, did it also mean the next time we see each other will he be getting a view of those blue lace underwear on me? I didn't even really care, I was just happy he wanted to see me again. 

That had been the craziest night I've ever had. All this excitement blind sided me from going to work today. I panicked running to my room and ripping off my clothes. Sliding down my shorts and sweatshirt, I threw on my uniform for my cruddy job. I had applied when i was younger , around the age of 17 and have held the job for about three years. Stacking records and CD's. Probably the funnest job around. Stepping into my chucks, I galloped out my door and locking it behind me. I hopped into my some what filthy pick up truck that my mother lended to me before she moved. Starting the ignition, I drove off praying I wouldn't be late. I found my self the whole ride thinking about Harry's body. His smooth structure and his masculine sides and large breath taking hands. I wondered what Harry could do with his hands. In the middle of that thought I realized I wasn't paying attention to the road and began to get honks from several cars. I decided to leave Harry out of my thoughts while I was driving for now on. 

It had been a long day. I stepped into my flat, tired and ready to sleep. I slid off my converse and walked into my dimly lit kitchen. When I got close to the light switch I heard a raspy and low "Hello Beautiful." Shocked I whipped around only to see a tall figure peering down at me. 



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