Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


3. Chapter 3


                    I sprinted to my bathroom door, slamming it closed. Flopping to the floor I breathed heavily. Should I call the police? I wondered if Harry was even a threat to me. However, I couldn't rap the thought of what was happening tonight. I suddenly came back from my thoughts as I heard shuffling in my room. Infuriated, I gripped the door handle, yanking it open. Peering out, I saw what I expected. Harry, scrounging through my knickers in my top drawer. With a surprised look on his face, it suddenly vanished. Turning into a more mysterious smirk. Lifting up a pair of lacey pink underwear in between his fingers, he smiled roughly saying "I think these are my favorite. However, those blue ones I quite fancy." At this point, I thought he might have been able to see the anger through my plush color of my skin. Defiantly without thinking, I raced towards the tall and dark figure. I body slammed him into my bed with all the force I could, knocking him off his feet. Wrestling with him to grab my knickers, I seemed to be winning. Or so I thought, till my body with swiftly plucked up and rolled over. His amending strength held me down as he sat on top of me. Wriggling and pulling, trying to get away, I completely failed. With his thighs holding my legs down, I suddenly went white as I saw the look on his face. And I knew exactly why it was there. I was still in my towel.

                    Hurrying to pull my hands over my breasts, I realized they were trapped under Harry's legs. He leaned close to my ear, making me fringe. "Don't worry... I'm not going to do anything." The crispiness in his voice made me cling to the bed. His head lowered leaving the tingling brush of his curls against my chin. His lips softly started to place on my neck as I panicked. Shoving my head side to side hoping he wouldn't. It just seemed like he liked it when I fought back. I found a large palm touch my check, with a force holding me still. Leaning down once again, I couldn't move. My body was paralyzed under Harry's. Full, pink lips met my skin. I expected a harsh suck or bite from him. But he didn't. Trembling, his just placed his mouth right below my chin, and kissed. Soft, lingering kisses. I felt his warm tongue, graze my neck. The scent of him was well over arousing. It filled my nostrils as he continued to apply long kisses. I forget about everything that was happening. I only focused on his skin touching mine. I started to understand why my actions earlier decreased. I was enjoy the pleasure Harry was bringing to the surface of me. He noticed my stop in fighting him back, lessening his grip on my cheek. This gave me the room to pull my hand out. I could have slapped him, or pushed him off at this point. But I didn't want to. I put my hand on his head, intertwining with his long luscious curls. Locking his hair in my fingers I slightly yanked at the pleasure. I could tell that had aroused something in Harry as his hands tightened around my waist. Sliding his hand higher and higher, I could  tell he was reaching for my breast. I pushed his head away, locking orbs with his. "No, no." I quietly whispered. He smiled placing a quick kiss to my forehead. Then it was over, all over. He leaped up, and started walking to the exit of my room. Confused from what had just happened I shouted "..And where are you going?"
        "To your living room, I started a movie before I got curious. Care to join me?" He looked incredibly fit at that moment. His facial structure was insanely perfect. The light glistening of his jaw made me speechless.
        "Well it's fine if you don't want to answer me." He joked. I quickly became shy and pulled my upper body up with my elbows, a blush spreading across my face. 
       "Sure, but I'll put some clothes on first." I said hopping to my feet. 
       "Don't feel obligated to." He winked before strolling out the door. My legs quivered where I stood. He had wrapped me in his own little plot I couldn't escape. I checked to make sure he wasn't around before I dropped my towel and looked for clothes.

                         My tea was now cold. Everything seemed like ages ago. But I was still with this crazy guy in my flat. I grabbed a bag of crisps I had bought and slouched on my sofa. Harry, sliding closer to me he held the remote. I didn't care much about how close his body was to mine. In fact, I enjoyed it. He flipped through channels before finding the film harry had started. Chewing on popcorn I intensely watched the characters in the film. Beginning to become full I set down the bag on my coffee table. A few minutes went by with no talking. Harry making no attempt at hiding his move he rested his arm over my shoulders, leaning tightly to my small figure. I nuzzled my way into the crease of his arm and his torso. Placing my hand on his warm chest I felt his breathing. I started to doze off from the movie putting my head in his shirt. He smelled so amazing. Before I knew it, I was unconscious while harry twirled my long brown strand in his large fingers, humming softly.


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