Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


2. Chapter 2


I quickly put all my things away. Sliding off my shoes and flopping on the couch, dazed. Why had he done that? Why did he choose me?  I couldn't keep my self from thinking about that kiss he had placed on my neck. His actions were so bold, I didn't know anyone that brave. He had me thinking all night. I didn't not like him, but I wasn't fond of him either. His domineer was scary but also arousing.  His full pink lips made me bite my lower one. His green orbs were seductive and he knew just what do with them to make a girl fall for him. But I wasn't that easy.  I knew what he was trying to do, and I wasn't going to be one of his games. I decided to try and get Harry off my mind. So I put in the film I had bought and snacked on popcorn till I drifted off into a cozy sleep on my I guess you could call it not so comfortable couch. 

          When I woke up the television was off. It was a little odd but I didn't think to much of it. I jumped off the couch and walked into my room. Sliding down my shirt then my pants and on to my underwear. I turned the hot water on in the shower and hopped in. The scolding water ran down my body providing me with some kind of warm barrier.  Placing my head under the shower of water I washed my long locks of hair. The ends just ending under my breasts. I clamped the handle down to shut of the shower. Reaching out to grab a towel, I set my hand on my counter just to find it empty. I swear I had placed a towel there but I just figured I had forgotten. I tried my best to air dry before stepping out of the tub and rushing into my connected room searching for something to dry with. Coming up empty handed I quickly ran into my hallway and opened the closet door. Wrapping the closet towel around my body I shut it. I strolled over to the kitchen now clothed with a fuzzy towel I brewed up some tea. Hoisting my self up onto my counter I slowly sipped away at it. My legs dangling back and forth I caught a glimpse of a curly haired figure sitting upon my couch. Startled I jumped off my counter wrapping my tiny fingers around the closest thing to me, a spoon.

                     "You think your going to frighten me with a spoon?" He smirked turning his head showing off his cute dimples. Harry. I quickly calmed down only to realize Harry had broken into my flat. Leaving me more furious than scared.

                      "What the fuck do you think your doing! Breaking into peoples flats!? I just nearly had a heart attack!" I screamed at him. He seemed quite nonchalant on my couch just tilting his wide eyed head at me. I didn't understand why he could be so calm.

                       "And I thought you were more frantic when you couldn't find a towel." He winked at me. Leaving me speechless. He was here will I was searching for a towel. Did he see me naked? My question was shortly answered as if he read my mind. "Nice view by the way. I fancy the butterfly tattoo you have on your hip."  His seductive comment made my face flush with bright pinks and reds.  Still being able to chime in a tiny comment I softly spoke.

                        "How did you get in here?" I wondered. Hoping he didn't break anything.

                        "You left your back door unlocked. I told you I wanted to see you again." He smiled. I couldn't believe what was happening. This stranger I met in a supermarket, had just broken into my home, witnessed me naked, and was completely worry free about it. For some weird reason, I wasn't as mad as I thought I would be. His presence didn't scare me anymore. He flipped on the television and started to raise his feet to my coffee table. He beckoned me forward but I denied. Stating that if I was to sit and watch anything with him, I would be fully clothed. He seemed a bit disappointed as I casually walked over to my room shutting the door behind me.


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