Dark Embrace

My character Hope falls for a mysterious boy who some how imprints himself in her mind, leaving her wondering if she's made a mistake, risking her heart for someone so, dark.


1. Chapter 1

                I continued my walk home to my rather untidy flat. I had just met with a couple of my friends, I haven't visited in quite a long time. It was dark out, showing the obvious time. The night air was cold applying goose bumps to my poorly covered skin.  Feeling a tiny drop of rain land on my nose was a clear sign of  the down poor that was about to begin, so I hurriedly rushed to a supermarket to get out of the rain. The bell on the door ringed as I struggled to push it open. I shook my long brown hair from my face combing through the tangled and wet ends. I figured sense I was here I would pick up some food and a film for the night. Roaming the stores aisles I gained attention from a rather large man by the soda pop section. He was covered in a black leather jacket, light blue jeans that seemed a bit roughed up, and a pair of scuffed converse. Picking out the selection of soda he wanted his gaze skimmed mine. He gave me the chills. I looked away but I could still feel his gaze peered on me. I decided to walk the other direction hoping he wouldn't get any ideas. Scooping up a girly film and a bag of popcorn, I strolled over to the counter. To my surprise, the large male hovered behind me while I purchased the things I had grabbed. I felt his breathe on my cold shoulders almost as if he was inhaling my scent. I knew in that moment I just wanted to get out of there.

                    I quickly jogged out of the supermarket to find it was still trickling a tiny bit of rain. It didn't bother me much, I was just glad to have escaped the mysterious man. I wasn't to far from where I lived when my ears picked up a sound from behind me. It was hard to tell what it was but as it approached I could tell it was car wheels on the still wet pavement. The speed never increased, just held one pace. I started to get a tight feeling in my chest, almost like a knot around my stomach. The small black vehicle drove passed me only to slow to a stop a little in front of me. I just continued walking. What I feared was corrected. The man in the black leather jacket slowly stepped out of the car causing my heart to stop. His legs were so long, I knew if I tried to run he would catch up to me quickly. Probably without even beginning to breath hard. So I held my ground as he strolled over to me.

                   "Well, hello there." He said in a deep tone causing a smile to creep onto his face. He hovered over me, his structured masculine and toned. He was probably a few inches taller than me, but still hugely taller. I had to tilt my head up to meet eye contact. He had these, strangely pretty green eyes you could see a mile away. His smile causing a dimple to pop out on the left side of his featured face. Loose curls fell over one of his eyes. It absorbed some of the rain from earlier causing it to drop slightly. He pushed it back causing me to come to focus on the scary man that approached me. 

                  "C..Can I help you with something?" I stuttered, showing how nervous I had become.

                  " I noticed you in that supermarket and never got to introduce myself. I'm sure you noticed me as well." He deeply chuckled as he caught me staring at his tall structure. "I'm Harry." He said calmly as he pushed out a very large hand to shake my tiny one.  Hesitating, I stuck my hand out. Before I had even had a chance to second guess he grabbed my hand pulling me close to his torso. I could feel his cold skin on mine.  He leaned down and brushed a strand of my soaked hair away from my ear, whispering "And yours is?" In a scary but seductive tone.

                "H...Hope." I quietly spoke. My body still tingly from our encounter as he lightly pulled away.

                "What a lovely name." Stating with a smile. " I don't have any plans tonight and I saw you snatch that film earlier. Want to watch it together? We could go back to my flat." He said inviting himself into my plans of a quiet night. His body language surely told me he didn't want to just watch the film.  Of course I did what anyone else would do if a strange invited themselves into your plans.

                 "Oh no thanks, I have plans already, but yeah you know maybe another time!" I tired to slowly but surely escape his plans.

                 "Well at least let me take you home so you don't have to walk in this weather." he said. Before I could deny his request to take me home he pulled my body into the passenger seat in his tidy car. Slamming the door shut I witnessed him jog to the other side to grip open the driver seat door.  His demanding nature frightened me a tiny bit. But I tried to push away any scary thoughts to help me stay calm. I just wanted to go home. He started the ignition and slowly pulled away from the spot he had parked to first introduce himself. He car smelled sweet. It was warm and comfortable, seeming odd from his approaching nature. Making me ponder on maybe how many scared females he had got  into his car at night.  His palms stretched out on the steering wheel showing me how huge his hands really were. He caught me looking at his hands and then tried to make conversation.

                    "So where do you live, love?" He almost seemed a bit flirty. I didn't want I'm to know where I lived. That gave him the advantage to being able to find me in the one place I would hide away from people. He noticed my lack of answer, and placed his large palm on my thigh, giving me shivers.

                  "You realize if you don't tell me where your flat is I'll just have to take you back to mine." He winked at me. I tugged his hand away from my pants and slowly said "It's the next two blocks down... number 235."

                 "Alright, good to know." His raspy voice chuckled while smiling showing of his now more apparent dimples. His car slowed to a stop at the stairs to my house. Opening the door I jumped out of his strange car. He calmly walked to me to my front door. Before I put the key in to open to door, He turned me around. Pushing his body close to mine he sweetly kissed my neck, right under my chin. Something that startled me. I was not expecting him to place his lips to my skin. He lingered, leaving soft nibbles to my skin causing my eyes to widen. Once his pulled away he could see my shock.  I didn't know what to say, he had left me speechless by his seductive kiss. Leaning down to my ear he whispered " I want to see you again." in a low tone, metaphorically knocking me off my feet.  And just like that, he was already to his car leaving me there is silence. I opened my door and instantly fell to my wood floor. Letting out a sigh of relief. Only for me to understand what he had last said. He wanted to see me again. What the fuck had just happened.


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