Little Talks

"I don't like walking around this old and empty house."
"Are you sure about this Zayn?" I asked with my hands grasping over the railing, wind blowing through my hair. "Don't worry." He tells me. "I'm nervous as much as you. But these little talks don't last long."
My summer was basically ruined thanks to my mother. After high school graduation, she forced me to work on the cruiseline she owns instead of giving me a choice if I want to like my older sister. But the first day of the cruise, the first day I saw them being complete dumbos. That day I didn't know that I would love one of them. Zayn was right, these little talks don't last long.


55. Tonight

As me, Katie, and Zayn walked through the entrance, we were greeted with lots of light, loud music, and people getting down on the dance floor. "I'm going to get something to drink." Katie says. "This blonde needs her jiggle juice." She runs to the bar. 

"Make good choices!" I yell to her. 

She won't. 

I look at Zayn. "I'm going to do...whatever." I pat his shoulder. "You go find Perrie. How about I find Elizabeth or something." I tell him. 

"Okay." He replies. "Be safe." He kisses my cheek and walks away to find Perrie. 

I walk the opposite direction and sit at a random table. Someone walks towards me. It wasn't anyone I knew, so I should probably bring back some memories about learning about stranger danger back at safety town. 

But the man had brown hair, brown eyes, and loads of tattoos. Should I be scared of him?

"Hi." He said to me. 

"May I help you?" I ask. 

"Not really." The man answered. "First day in Paris, and trying to get used to the place."

"It's my second day here." I tell him. Okay, so he doesn't seem like a surreal killer. 

"You on vacation?" He asked. 

"I work on a cruise, but my shift goes till five in the afternoon. Oh, where are my manners?" I extend my hand out towards him. "I'm Britta Carter." 

He takes my hand. "Jessie Rutherford." He looks out onto the dance floor. "Who is she?" 

I look towards where he is. "Who?" 

"The one right there." He points in the distance. "The one with the long brown hair talking to the girl in the pink sash." I know who he's talking about. 

"That's my cousin Elizabeth. And the girl in the pink sash is a girl in her European tour group named Rachel." I tell him. "It's Rachel's birthday today and we're here to celebrate." 

"Mind introducing me to your cousin?" 

I get out of my seat. "Okay, come on." We walk out onto the dance floor until we reached Liz. "Jessie, Elizabeth. Liz, this is Jessie Rutherford." I push Jessie towards Elizabeth and walk away. I find Rachel in the crowd. I tap her shoulder. "Hey!" 

She turns around and when she spots me, she gives me a hug. "Oh my gosh, Brit! Thanks so much for coming!" 

"Why wouldn't I come? It's your birthday!" 

"Well, you didn't sound too excited on the phone." She said. 

I look around and see that Becca was MIA. "Hey, where's Rebecca?" I ask over the loud music. 

She shrugs her shoulders. "Last time I saw her, she went to get a drink. But who knows where...found her."  I turn around and see Becca at the bar talking to Harry. 

It looks like she telling him something and she's pissed off or something. 

About a millisecond before I was about to say something, Harry grabs hold of her waist, pulls her in, and places his lips over hers. 

I look at Rachel. 

Then back at Becca and Harry. 

Then back at Rachel. 

Then back at Becca and Harry. 

You get the pattern. 

"Let's leave them alone." I suggest. 

"Good idea." We turn around. It felt like a bad idea to turn around. Because I saw a tear go down Rachel's face. 

"Rachel, why are you crying?" I ask, wiping away her tear. 

She's silent, but I turn around and see Niall and a girl kissing. "That's Kaitlyn Dietz. Niall's girlfriend before Josie. She's the same person I saw kissing Niall at the karaoke club last night." 

I look at Kaitlyn and Niall, then at Rachel. "Rach, I know Niall has feelings for you. Don't you remember yesterday when we all met for the first time and he went googly eyes on you?" 

"Yeah, but that was yesterday and you guys are docked here for a few more days. And we leave the day after you guys to go to who knows where. And Niall knew Kaitlyn and Josie before he even knew me so..." 

"Rachel!" I stop her. "Stay calm! By looking at Niall, he's..."

"BRITTA! RACHEL!" I hear the voices of Eleanor, Nicole, and Cassidy run towards us. 

"Guys, you'll never believe what just happened a while ago!" Nicole catches her breath. 

"What?" I ask. 

Then Cassidy says the five words that will probably change my life for good. 

"Zayn and Perrie broke up." 

A/N: quick note. 

Dun dun DUUUNNN! 

School starts Thursday and I'm dead. Not really just extremely nervous. 

Don't know what I'll update next, but this is probably going to be the last update of this story for a while until I can get used to high school and fitting marching band into my schedule. I'm sorry but it's life. And I'm one of the many people who start at a new school with churning stomachs. It's not even Tuesday and I'm already nervous!! 

That's all. 


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