Little Talks

"I don't like walking around this old and empty house."
"Are you sure about this Zayn?" I asked with my hands grasping over the railing, wind blowing through my hair. "Don't worry." He tells me. "I'm nervous as much as you. But these little talks don't last long."
My summer was basically ruined thanks to my mother. After high school graduation, she forced me to work on the cruiseline she owns instead of giving me a choice if I want to like my older sister. But the first day of the cruise, the first day I saw them being complete dumbos. That day I didn't know that I would love one of them. Zayn was right, these little talks don't last long.


8. I'm in a relationship

"So..." I try to make small talk with Zayn. "What's it like to be famous?"

"You're one of the first people to ask me. Being famous is a big commitment. Some days, I just want to get away from all of the paps, screaming girls that almost cost me my hearing, and interviews that cause me to have butterflies in my stomach." He answers. "So what's it like to work on a cruise ship?"

I chuckle, and scoop out the last bit of my ice cream. "Well, it's my first year working on this cruise, and today's my first day. And so far, it's not going well."

"You look so young to be working on here. How old are you?"

"I'm only 18. I just graduated high school last week. I've been on this cruise in the past, but I didn't expect to be forced on here by my mother to work here."

His eyes grew. "Your mom sent you to work on a cruise for the entire summer?!"

He didn't get it. "No. My mom OWNS this cruise. And unlike my sister, she forced me on without even giving the chance to answer. So now here I am, Britta Carter, sitting on a ship with you, and I still don't know if you're really famous."

Looking around his surroundings, he takes out his phone and opens it up. He pulls up twitter and I see his profile. Man, he had a lot of followers!

Wait, I remember them! "Oh my gosh! You're Zayn Malik of One Direction!"

He puts his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. "Like Liam said before, this was a getaway from work. Now just keep quiet and I won't be mad at you." I nod my head and removes his hand. "And now you figure out who I am."

I sigh. "Sorry. I'm not as big as a fan as Katie, who's my sister. But I love your music. I sort of memorized Little Things on guitar."

He pats my shoulder. "Well, you did a good job playing."

That compliment made me smile. I looked into his deep brown eyes. He came closer to me. Closer, closer. Our lips were almost about to touch just until...

"I CAN'T! GAH!" He screams. "SNAP OUT OF IT, ZAYN! SNAP! OUT! OF! IT!"

I wonder what's wrong with him. "You were just about ten centimeters away from kissing me and you hesistate."

"Well, I shouldn't have done that!" He yells grasping his hair almost making it look like he's about to pull it out.

"Zayn, what's wrong? You can tell me. You can trust me with anything." I say to him the same thing I tell my friends when they're upset or sad or mad or down.

"Everyone basically knows this, but..." He's silent for a moment. "I'm in a relationship."

I give him my straight face. It's just a normal face. "And that involves trying to make yourself bald, why?"

He looks at me. "Did you not remember what happened two minutes ago?! I tried to kiss you, but then I realized that I'm dating Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. And if she found out that I kissed a cruiseline employee, oh man, things are going to get feisty."

"So what are we going to do about that?" I ask.

"When do we arrive in London?" He asks. I check my imaginary watch.

"In about a week. Why?"

"Okay. When we get to London, Perrie and the rest of Little Mix will join the cruise. Along with Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, and Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend. So in that time, we will just remain friends, but I still owe you that kiss. Oh, and since three of us are taken, Niall and Harry are free for you." He winks.

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, like I would date Fergie or a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix dog."

"You come up with the best insults." He compliments. "I better go find the others. Hopefully Niall didn't injure his legs. I'll catch up with you later. See ya Brit." He got up from the table and left.

I was almost about to kiss a superstar.

Well, better throw this ice cream away.


A/N: Happy early Easter to everyone!

So fair warning to everyone, this story may contain dirty scenes. Just thought I'd remind you.

Is it only me who when they saw the music video for Lego House, scream, "Ronald Weasley! What in the world are you doing in a muggle music video?! You are suppose to be stopping Voldemort and destroying horocruxes! GAH!" If you haven't seen the music video, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron in the Harry Potter movies, was in the video!

The weather finally got nicer in Ohio! Glad to be living here!

Oh, and guess what?! I got an iPhone today! I'm excited!

That's all. Have a fantastic Easter! I won't be able to update tomorrow or Sunday because I'm going to be with family. Thanks for reading!



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