Little Talks

"I don't like walking around this old and empty house."
"Are you sure about this Zayn?" I asked with my hands grasping over the railing, wind blowing through my hair. "Don't worry." He tells me. "I'm nervous as much as you. But these little talks don't last long."
My summer was basically ruined thanks to my mother. After high school graduation, she forced me to work on the cruiseline she owns instead of giving me a choice if I want to like my older sister. But the first day of the cruise, the first day I saw them being complete dumbos. That day I didn't know that I would love one of them. Zayn was right, these little talks don't last long.


4. Dork of the Year nominees part 2

I tense up. It's embarrassing when people, especially my mom and Katie, call me those stupid nicknames like "sweetie" and "pumpkin" and "honey". I mean, I'm flipping 18 years old!

"Boys, if you need any help, just ask..." Paul trails off and looks at my nametag. "Britta. I'm going to be waiting for Simon. I don't want any of you in the brig!"

He goes outside the lobby and I go back behind the counter and put my headphones back on. I look to see who hasn't checked in yet, but everybody has. So I log off and leave the counter area.

"Where do you think you're going?" A British voice ask. I turn around and see the five dork of the year nominees were staring at me.

"I'm going to my next job. Can you not see my nametag that reads 'I'm spending my summer on a cruise and I don't want to spend it with idiots'?!" I sass.

The blonde states the obvious. "Your nametag says 'Britta Carter'."

I groan in annoyance. The buzzcut speaks out. "Look, we didn't start off on the right note, so let's start over again. Hello, I'm Liam Payne." He extends his hand and I take it.

Blonde comes over. "Horan. Niall Horan m'lady."

Brunette jumps in. "Louis Tomlinson at your service." He's a bit perky.

"Some call me Harry Styles, but you can call me tonight." Curly flirts. Okay, now he's getting on my nerves.

Black hair comes in and stops me from Harry. "Sorry, he's a bit of a flirt here. But I'm Zayn Malik. Lovely to meet you Britta."

I smirk a little. "Well, please don't cause any trouble. We have a buffet going on right now..." Niall takes off to the skydeck where the buffet was. I stare at the others. "Was it something I said?"

"He was hungry on the way to the boarding dock." Liam exclaimed. "Alright, Harry. I'm challenging you to shuffleboard!" And the two take off.

"You and me after them?" Louis asks Zayn. He nods and they follow behind them.

This is going to be a long summer.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. So this is all of what I wrote out. Now I will figure out the rest. So thanks for reading!


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