Little Talks

"I don't like walking around this old and empty house."
"Are you sure about this Zayn?" I asked with my hands grasping over the railing, wind blowing through my hair. "Don't worry." He tells me. "I'm nervous as much as you. But these little talks don't last long."
My summer was basically ruined thanks to my mother. After high school graduation, she forced me to work on the cruiseline she owns instead of giving me a choice if I want to like my older sister. But the first day of the cruise, the first day I saw them being complete dumbos. That day I didn't know that I would love one of them. Zayn was right, these little talks don't last long.


10. Don't be a party pooper

"Why did you wake me up at 12:15 in the morning?!" I yell at them. "And why did you trick me into thinking Niall had the stomach flu?"

"You two told her that I had the stomach flu?" Niall asks Harry and Louis.

"I hesistated!" Louis answered throwing his arms up. "I knew she wouldn't come if I told her the truth!"

"Which is true!" I tell him. "I can't believe you guys trick me! And in the morning! I'm going back to bed." I'm just about to walk out of the door when it was suddenly blocked by Harry. Great, now I'm trapped here.

"C'mon!" Harry whines. "Don't be a party pooper! We found this brand new club on here and we wanted to go! But because we're on supervision because of Paul and Simon, we're sneaking out of their sight. So just please, for one night, come with us!"

They're just practically begging me to come with them. I never heard of this new club that's on here. Did my mom not tell me about this? Well, she does hate my guts, technically. So that would make a reasonable explanation. Yet, I am her daughter (the one that she always ignores for Katie).

"Alright. I'll go with you!" I finally give in. They all start cheering and start to get dressed. Well, Niall, Zayn, and Liam were almost done getting dressed. "But on one condititon!" They all stop in their tracks and look at me with beady eyes. "This is the only night that I will go out with all of you. If you ask me once more or wake me up at this time again, I will haunt your flacking English spirits when I die!"

"I'm Irish, you know." Niall states the obvious. I groan and exit the room. I feel something tossed at me and hear a door slam. I look behind and see a piece of paper at my feet. I pick it up and unfold it.

It read: "Wear something sexy. xx H"

Really? I don't own anything sexy! Yet if I'm describing boys, "sexy" isn't a word in my book. I'm more of a casual girl with dip dyed ends than the type of girl who would go out clubbing every night. I head down to the first floor and tip toe back to my room. But to my surprise, I felt someone grab my shoulder and I jump.

"Brit, be quiet!" I hear Katie whisper as I turn around. She was wearing a bandeau top, a super short skirt, and her high heel stilettos. Her blonde/brown hair was in perfect curls and she was wearing too much makeup for even mom and she looks like a clown!

"Kate," I start. "Mind I ask why you look like you're about to apply for the circus?"

"I'm not!" She says. "Mom told me about this new club on the cruise that opens tonight and I'm sneaking past curfew to go to it. And may I ask, why are you out?"

I take a deep breath and go on into a run on sentence. "HarryandLouiswokemeupsayingthatNiallhadthestomachfluandIwentuptotheircabinbutinsteadofseeingasickNiallthey..." I go on until I ran out of breath. Katie gave me this look like "What the heck did you just say?". I then tell her the same story, but actually put punctuation in it.

"So you're going to the club with One Direction, and Harry says to wear something sexy?" She asks once I finished.

"Yes. Which I obviously don't have." I answer. "And no, I don't want to borrow any clothes or makeup or hair products from you. I can get ready myself!" I walk back to my cabin and lock my door behind her.

I walk to my closet and pull out random clothes. I pulled out a button-down black no-sleeved top that ties in the front, a pair of red shorts, and my pair of black toms. I pull my hair out of the ponytail out and let my hair flow. I put on only foundation and grab my phone.

I walk out of my cabin and outside the hall are the boys dressed up in blazers and other such things. Now, see, as a girl, I consider that as hot.

"So ya ready to go?" I ask. They nod and we head to this new club of some sort.


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Walk up to the club like whaddup I got a BINGGGOOO!!!

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