the blue eyed copel

nicole almost died when she was 5 and her parents die. she moves to the U.S.A with her grandparent but the die at age 19. when she moves back to Irland she meets a old friend... but she cant date him due to her last BF almost killing her.


1. the past

Nicole P.O.V


i wake up when my mom shaked me.The beautiful smell of the house.

"good morning mommy" i said half asleep.

"good morning sweety. how did you sleep?"

"Great!" i said

"Were gonna go eat breakfast down the streat so get dressed and brush your teeth and ill put your hair in a braid."

"Yummy.OK" i said to my mom.


i quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth and walked down stares. My mother brushed and braied my hair.We went to the car and started to drive.My father asked me how did i sleep and other unimportant small talk.Then I the car with a drunk driver at the wheel. my father hit the driver head on..... dead. every one but me.

*dream end*

"Nicole wake up" I hear my best friend brendons father say.

i wake up with a bunch of police men standing around me.

"What is going on?!?!"

"your grandparents died last night"

i start to cry. i go to brendons house and tell him.

I make my mind up. I'm moving to Irland.



I hope you liked it is my first time writing fanfic.more coming soon.<3

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