14 year Rose Leena has been beated since she was nine she thinks running awy would help but oh how she was wrong.


3. Starbucks With A Surprise

Rose's pov

           I walked to Starbucks at 11:30 since it was twenty minutes from my motel .Its 11:59 when I got outside of Starbucks . Just a minute early. A minute to leave . A minutes to forget him. A minute to move on. A minute too late. It was 12:00 exactly. I walked inside and sat down. I waited for Austin to come. He was running a little late. I ordered a Java Chip Frappuccino and paid . I walked back to my table and looked through twitter. I bought a phone about a week after I ran away. Once my drink was ready Austin came. I grabbed my drink and smiled at him. 

"Hey Austin"I drank some of my frappuccino. He smiled at me.

"Hey Rose" He went to the counter and ordered. Once he was finished he sat down with me. We started to talk and he was constantly getting texts. I let him answer them all. Five boys came in ,all about 19-21. One was blonde,one had curls,one had a shaved head, one had side swept hair that went up kinda, the last one had a quiff. They all sat down about two tables away from us. 

"I thought Austin was coming."The one with side swept hair said in a British accent.

"He is I texted him about two minutes ago."The blonde said with an Irish accent.

"Well has he answered you!?!"The one with the quiff said, he had a British accent too with a little tang to it.

"No but he'll come trust me"The blonde said again. I heard a phone go off.  It was the blonde's phone.

"Hey rose lets go to the park?"Austin asked me.

"Sure that'd be lovely " I grabbed my messenger bag and put it over my shoulder . Austin wrapped his arm around my shoulders and walked me to the door. This is nice I'm serious a cute boy that's famous wants to spend time with me. 

"Hey! Austin they ye' are!" The blonde boy yelled. They walked over to us. Ugh this was a nice moment until they came!

"Hey Niall , hey guys" Austin greeted the boys

"So Austin who do ya got here huh?"The one with side swept hair asked cheekly. I blushed and shifted awkwardly trying to tell Austin that I wanted to leave. The curly one saw me and smirked.

"This Rose, she's my girl"Austin answered him. 

"Your girl huh she seems a little tense don't ya think " The curly one wiggled me. I felt so awkward, so scared,so touched!

"Hey boys!, hey Austin!" A girl came in with .......... MY BEST FRIEND BECKY G! 

"Becky! I can't believe you here!"I screamed, Becky bear hugged me and almost cried.

"Rose! What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Well I was with this loser but now I wanna leave" I said bored.

"Rose!"Austin put his hand over his heart and tried to look hurt.

"Austin!" I played with him

"Why'd you call me a loser?" He asked still trying to look hurt

"Because you are one" I toyed with him

"No I'm not" He played along

"Yes you are"









"Yes" Austin said, 

"Ha! you just admitted that your a loser!" I laughed at him, he grabbed my hand and leaned in

"Well if I'm a loser, then I'm your loser" He said all cute and romantic! I leaned in as well as he did. Our lips met , it was wonderful, sparks! Fireworks! Butterflies in my stomach an everything. It was perfect. I loved it. I loved him.

"Well I gotta go Babe, I'm going to dance class bye!" I pulled away from Austin and grabbed Becky.

*After Dance Class*

"C'mon Becky we dont have all day!" i screamed. Becky tried to do her hair but it wouldn't stay.

"Ugh fuck it lets go" We walked out and went to Becky's hotel.

"Hey spend the night at my place ya?"Becky asked.

"Sure'" I agreed.I' spending da night at Becky's! WooHooo! Bye!


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